2nd European ADempiere Conference Day3

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Day to day rendition as it happens in the 2nd European ADempiere Conference by Goanookie

Community Discussion

General discussion on who will be citizens, a suggestion is made to make a core group of senior attendees the first citizens of ADempiere.

Quality Assurance with Fitnesse

Presentation given by Carlos Ruiz - globalqss.

Also see TestFramework.

Overview of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - EDI X.12 and EDIFACT

Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov


Victor Perez

Overview of Replication functionality

Presentation given by Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov

Presentation of ADempiere Replication functionality: File:Adempiere-Replication.pdf

Business Inteligence(BI) with Kettle and Palo as OLAP cube for ADempiere

Alexander Pohl

Overview of SpagoBI - BI Platform

Charly Clairmont

  • SpagoBI Overview

The presentation can be download here : It's a large overview of SpagoBI, a free and open source Business Intelligence Platform.

| SpagoBI_Adempiere_Conf-June2009.pdf

  • SpagoBI Integretion with ADempiere

Roberto Plazetti from OSMOSIT presents some result about this integration which they done.

| SpagoBI_Integration_ADmpiere.pdf

For more information it's on the SpagoBI site : www.spagobi.org