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Example of exporting Payment Terms with 2Pack

Before you can export as clientAdmin you have to make PackOut accesible to Admin user like Bojana explained here:

Then select Menu item for PackOut:

PackOut PT.png

In window you fill all required fields:

PackOut PT1.png

Creation directory is path to the disk space you want package to be exported to.

Select Tab "Package Details" and fill required fields as on picture:

PackOut PT2.png

Here You have to select/input:

Type: Data
Table: C_PaymentTerm
SQL: SELECT isactive,name,description,documentnote,afterdelivery,isduefixed,netdays,gracedays,fixmonthcutoff,
value,netday,isvalid,processing FROM c_paymentterm WHERE ad_client_id='1000001';

You can add more lines if you want to.

Save, return to main Tab and press Package Export.