CC meeting minutes 20101008

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  • Actions taken last week
    • There was one deletion last week concerning double posting.
  • Call for opinions for negative votes on Permission rules
    • One post was a suggestion to making CC meetings and post deletions completely public. Due to the fact that the issues dealt with on the meetings are delicate, personal and thus difficult, CC team agreed that internal discussions -which are done anyway via Skype- will be done in a closed way; the minutes will be published. Post deletions will also be done in a private manner, as it is very personal and not all members of the community are/might be interested on them.
    • Other post concerned the composition of CC team. As it has nothing to do with the voting itself, it was not discussed.
    • CC team decided to follow Joel Hoffman's proposal and give the community the right to ask if they do not understand why it took an action (Right to ask CC Team ). CC team will inform the community about that in a separate thread.
  • Code of Conduct
    • Code of Conduct is not a draft anymore, so the title on wiki page was changed ( Code of conduct )
  • Strategy
    • Discussion about rules lead to prioritizing the building of teams who act independently of CC and are responsible on their areas.
    • Rules for these teams have to be defined ASAP and start community vote.
  • CC meetings schedule
    • It was accorded to meet at 19:30 GMT