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Production x64 Hardware Examples
# Simultaneous Users Comments on End User Environment Combined DB/App Server Adempiere Version DB Software DB Server Brand/Model DB #Processor/Type DB Memory DB Diskspace DB Disk Architecture DB Comments App Server Brand App #Processor/Type App Memory App Diskspace App Comments General Comments
Example Only Mainly Order Entry Yes 3.4s Postgresql 8.3 Dell xyz 1 x AMD 2.3Mhz Quad Core 8Gb 200GB 2 x RAID 10 (WAL + Data) Normally runs OK, except when ... N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Had to do a bit of tuning on Postgresql - details follow...
100 Staff + Web Shoppers Order Entry via Call Centre/Web self-service No 3.5.3a Postgresql 8.3 Dell R905 4 x AMD 2.7Ghz Quad Core 128Gb 3Tb usable 5 x RAID 10, 2 x Internal O/S + WAL; External 3xPERC6E/MD1000 Data, Index, BLOB/File) Currently Installing RHEL AP + Xen,DB server will also support other non-Adempiere workloads Dell R905 4 x AMD 2.7Ghz Quad Core 128Gb 292Gb usable Currently Installing RHEL AP + Xen App Server/DB server equivalent for DR purposes (see Xen), App Server will also support other non-Adempiere consolidated workloads