TT meeting minutes 09/12/10

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Paul, Michael and Kai didn't attend the meeting.

  1. Channel for regular meetings
    • Channel will be skype
    • Voice meetings are prefered but we will switch to IRC if we have to many participants (technical problems)
    • SF mailing list will be created for additional communication
  2. Frequency of regular meetings
    • 1 per week in the beginning to get things started more quickly and then switch to 2 weeks
    • Thursday 15:00 gmt
  3. Rules and rights of every team
    • Basic rules and rights are defined in the Software Development Procedure
    • The teams will define the details like documentation templates, how acceptance criteria and testcases should be documented etc.
    • Mark provides a specification and documentation wiki page
    • Everybody can become a member, unless 2/3 of existing members disagree
  4. Communication between both teams
    • In the beginning both teams meet each week
    • Usage of SF mailing lists
  5. Misc