Porting Custom Swing Form to ZK

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.


  • ADempiere has 2 client modes to access the ERP application:
    • Java Swing which is rich client and runs perfectly via LAN
    • Web-based clients such as HTML and ZK Ajax that is mostly used via the Web.
  • All clients will access the Application Dictionary or Data Model to get the same data treatment. However the sourcecode that access and display that has to be mapped.
  • The content below is posted by Low Heng Sin who is chiefly responsible for the ZK Ajax client completion started by Posterita.
    • It illustrates the direct component to component mapping at the sourcecode level of the application.

Component Mapping

Swing Classs Zk Class Notes
org.compiere.swing.CPanel org.adempiere.webui.component.Panel setLayout(layout) is replace by appendChild(layout). Layout manager is implemented as container component in Zk.

javax.swing.JLabel org.adempiere.webui.component.Label

org.compiere.grid.ed.VLookup org.adempiere.webui.editor.WTableDirEditor org.adempiere.webui.editor.WSearchEditor WtableDirEditor for combo box, WsearchEditor for lookup.

org.compiere.grid.ed.VString org.adempiere.webui.editor.WStringEditor

java.awt.GridBagLayout org.adempiere.webui.component.Grid Use GridFactory.newGridLayout()

javax.swing.JcomboBox org.adempiere.webui.component.Listbox org.adempiere.webui.component.Combobox Only Combobox support auto complete

java.awt.BorderLayout org.zkoss.zkex.zul.Borderlayout Must set width and height, either in pixel or %. Must setStyle("position: relative;") when use within ADForm.

org.compiere.apps.ConfirmPanel org.adempiere.webui.component.ConfirmPanel

org.compiere.apps.StatusBar org.adempiere.webui.panel.StatusBarPanel

org.compiere.minigrid.MiniTable org.adempiere.webui.component.WListbox

org.compiere.grid.ed.VLocator org.adempiere.webui.editor.WLocatorEditor

javax.swing.event.TableModelListener org.adempiere.webui.event.WTableModelListener

javax.swing.JCheckBox org.adempiere.webui.component.Checkbox

org.adempiere.swing.CDialog org.adempiere.webui.component.Window

Java.awt.event.ActionListener Org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.EventListener actionPerformed(ActionEvent) is replace by onEvent(Event)

Org.compiere.apps.AEnv Org.adempiere.webui.apps.AEnv

Javax.swing.JScrollPane Org.adempiere.webui.component.Panel Most of the time, JscrollPane can be remove from the UI components tree when we port Swing form to Zk. If you are not sure, remove it and test.

Javax.swing.JSplitPane Org.zkoss.zul.Splitter
Splitter must use together with Hbox or Vbox. If that's not suitable for the layout you are trying to build, use BorderLayout instead.

Org.compiere.apps.ADialog Org.adempiere.webui.window.FDialog

Javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel Org.adempiere.webui.component.ListModelTable org.adempiere.webui.component.SimpleListModel Use ListModelTable with WListbox and SimpleListModel with Listbox.

Java.beans.VetoableChangeListener Org.adempiere.webui.event.ValueChangeListener Event listener for field editor. vetoableChange(PropertyChangeEvent) is replace by valueChange(ValueChangeEvent)

Org.adempiere.apps.form.FormPanel Org.adempiere.webui.panel.ADForm init (int WindowNo, FormFrame frame) is replace by initForm(). Use the protected method getWindowNo to access the WindowNo variable.

Batch processing in custom form

  • Don't use the AsyncProcess interface.
  • Use Clients.showBusy and AuEcho to show busy message.
  • Use ServerPush to execute long task on separate thread.
  • Example for long task and batch printing: <tt>org.adempiere.webui.apps.form.WInvoiceGen.