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The Payment Info window displays information related to customer and vendor payments.


Icon: Icon Info24.png
Menu: →Payment Info }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: none


To see the Payment Info window, your role must have Allow Info Payment checked in the {{#if: |{{{2}}}|Role }} Window.


The Payment Info window opens with the following screen. At the top are boxes for search criteria. At the bottom are buttons to refresh, zoom, print and the standard cancel and confirm.




Most of the search criteria are self explanatory. The wild card character '%' can be used in the text fields and the searches are not case sensitive.

Receipt, if checked, will select payments received from customers. If unchecked, it will display payments made to vendors/suppliers.

The Transaction Date can be entered as a range with a from/to date pair or singly.

The Payment Amount can be entered as a range or singly. The left amount is the From amount and is used in the query as Payment_Amount >= From_Amount. The right amount is the To Amount and is used as Payment_Amount <= To_Amount. If both the From Amount and To Amount are entered, the query uses "BETWEEN ? AND ?". If From_Amount and To_Amount are equal, the query is simply Payment_Amount = From_Amount.

For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src