How to Configure Dynamic Approval Workflow

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Customize Requistion for Dynamic Workflow so that each newly created document only can be approve by user stated in Comment/Help.

The trick is using only depend on 2 field from m_requistion that is : "help" and "updatedby". Let's get it on :

1. Login as GardenAdmin and Create new users ie Felix & Sukito


2. Create new role ie. Manager then tick Approve own documents and make sure to fill in Approval Amounts


3. Assign Users into this role.


4. Write down ad_user_id of the newly created users (we are going to use it later).

04user id.png

5. Logout and Login as System Adminstrator.

6. Goto Workflow

7. Select Process_Requisition.


8. Move to Node Tab, we are going to make as following node.


9. Begin with create (SetUnApprove) node, set action to "set variable" and choose "isApprove" column then type "N" in Attribute box, save it.


10. Similar to step 9, create also node for (SetDocAction), (SetDocStatus), (SetProcessed) & (SetProcessed), set each node column and attribute value according to following image.





11. Back to node (SetUnApprove), then move to Transition tab and create new transition for this node. Set next node to (SetDocAction).


12. Repeat step 11 for node (SetDocAction), (SetDocStatus), (SetProcessed) & (SetProcessing) as following image.




13. Still in the node tab create the rest node: (DocApprove_Sukito), (DocApprove_Felix), (DocVerify_Sukito), (DocVerify_Felix) as following image.



14. Back to Node tab again, this time select (DocPrepare) and then move to transition tab, and create new transition to become as follow (Important! it's recommended to use sequence number as in the image) :


15. After set it up exactly as above, here is the core and tricky part of this whole story. Still in the transition tab select the first record sequence no. 10 then move to conditon tab and create new condition set And/or to "And", Column to "Help/Comment", operation to "=" and last value to "GA_Sukito", save it.


16. Repeat step 15 for sequence no. 100 for user GA_Felix.

17. Create another transtion and assign 1000 to the sequence no. fill in next node with (DocUnApprove), and this no need to create condition for this node.

18. Back to node tab, choose (DocVerify_Sukito) and move to transition tab, create new transition as following.


19. select transition no. 10 and move to condition tab and similar to step 15 create new condition as follow (notice : in value box fill in with the GA_Sukito user id, your number could be different)


20. For the next transition (100) there no need to create condition.

21. Repeat Step 18-20 for the GA_Felix user.

22. You hv finish the lesson dude !! try to create some new requisition doc and enjoy the flow.

Thanks to Armen for his enlightment.

Usman88 15:17, 11 May 2007 (EDT)

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