FT meeting minutes June 12th 2013

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  1. General
    • Secretary: Mario Calderon
    • Participants: Colin Rooney, John Agudelo, Mark Ostermann, Victor Perez, Mario Calderón, Mike Judd, Enrique Ruibal, Karsten Thiemann
    • Date / Time: Wednesday, 12 June 2013 / 12:00h - 14:00h GMT
  2. Agenda
    • Which methodology do we use (wiki page, jira, etc.) for analyzing functionality to be included?
    • Which elements do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tests)
    • Distribute and organize work
  3. Which methodology do we use (wiki page, jira, etc.) for analyzing functionality to be included?
  4. Which elements do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tests)
    • The structure of evey contribution page will be added entries for the people who volunteer to analyze.
    • If the pages need additional entries, they will be added.
    • The goal is to have a central place where all relevant information to a contribution is found.
  5. Distribute and organize work
    • Every volunteer to analyze a contribution puts his/her name on it, only one at a time.
    • When the volunteer finishes his work, he can move on to the next contribution.
    • This way, there is no accumulation of contributions undone and everybody can sign up for free, not yet processed contributions.
    • The participants expressed their will to take on different contributions; they will sign up after being notified that it is possible.
    • The goal is to move as fast as possible and present the results on next Monday's joint FT/TT meeting.
    • The volunteers will ask the contributors for help analyzing, be it a document, video or whatever.
    • Victor is going to organize a show room for his contributions and will send an invitation for it. Tentative date: Friday after TT meeting.


Following is the meeting log

[06:07:04] * Mario Calderón invited colin.rooney enrique.ruibal jdaison karsten-thiemann metas.mark.ostermann michael_judd plavania ravurisuman steven1001 vpj-cd
[06:07:19] Mario Calderón: hello everybody
[06:07:45] Victor Perez Juarez: Hi
[06:07:52] Enrique Ruibal: Hi..
[06:11:33] John Agudelo: hello
[06:11:37] Mark Ostermann: hi all
[06:13:25] Mario Calderón: do we wait a couple of minutes ?
[06:14:11] Victor Perez Juarez: Ok how many?
[06:14:35] Mario Calderón: 5?
[06:16:26] Mark Ostermann: ok
[06:16:31] John Agudelo: now we have 15 minutes of delay, is necessary wait more?
[06:18:00] Colin Rooney: I'm here but have to go to an unscheduled meeting - it lunch time here so normally I am free.  But go ahead and I will cathc up when i return 20 mins max
[06:18:26] Michael Judd: hi all
[06:18:28] Enrique Ruibal: I think we should begin then
[06:21:23] Mario Calderón: ok
[06:21:46] Mario Calderón: agenda?
[06:22:03] Mario Calderón: i think it is obvious
[06:22:59] John Agudelo: review and vote for features to include in 3.8
[06:23:18] Mark Ostermann: nope
[06:23:41] Karsten Thiemann: hi
[06:23:58] Mark Ostermann: the review is done after distributing work to volunteers
[06:24:25] Mark Ostermann: this meeting the FT volunteers should discuss and committ to dates until review can be done
[06:24:33] Mark Ostermann: ... my suggestion
[06:25:59] Mark Ostermann: and further on we should discuss how to share best practices during reviewing (for example having FT skype channel open where people can share and discuss/ ask, documenting in wiki ...)
[06:26:54] Mario Calderón: can we discuss first this?
I mean, how we will work
any suggestions?
[06:27:07] Mario Calderón: so we don't have to do it online
[06:27:48] Victor Perez Juarez: I think we would make offline too
[06:27:51] Mark Ostermann: [14:27:50] Mario Calderón: so we don't have to do it online

<<< agree
[06:28:17] Victor Perez Juarez: but is necessary distribute the revision
[06:28:30] John Agudelo: El 12/06/13, a las 07:28, Victor Perez Juarez escribió:
> I think we would make offline too
[06:28:44] Michael Judd: what elements are necessary to review in the functional test?  Test scenarios, functional documentation ...
[06:29:38] Victor Perez Juarez: So I think we should define the way to review and analisys each contribution, so that funcional consultant delivery your diagnostic
[06:31:39] Enrique Ruibal: I think we should have one member of FT coordinate each of the functional enhancements and create an issue tracker on Jira and publicize on SF and on wiki to have open community participate
[06:31:51] Mario Calderón: ... and this have to be somehow quick, because we have agreed to deliver on Moday
[06:32:43] Mark Ostermann: [14:32:35] Mario Calderón: ... and this have to be somehow quick, because we have agreed to deliver on Moday

<<< we have agreed that the volunteers take tasks and review until monday
[06:32:58] Enrique Ruibal: something similar to what we have done in the past with bug day..
[06:33:28] Mark Ostermann: if we have too less volunteers or too many contrubtions to review until then, i believe we will have more work for the next week(s) too ;-)
[06:33:58] Mark Ostermann: [14:33:41] Enrique Ruibal: something similar to what we have done in the past with bug day..

<<< bug day = stabilisation month (in our software development procedure)
[06:34:44] Mark Ostermann: aim until monday shouild be that the FT volunteers grab a contribution and present their results in next meeting on monday
[06:35:09] Mark Ostermann: with these results the FT has a base to discuss/ vote about the contribution
[06:35:39] Victor Perez Juarez: mmmm the funcionla team is very a litle , so that to get some cualification about the una contribution  we need think how starting the reviewtions
[06:35:57] Victor Perez Juarez: so the suggestion are welcome
[06:36:01] John Agudelo: for bug day we need a version installed, in this moment only we have descriptions
[06:36:30] Mark Ostermann: bug day = stabilisation month (for that we will have a nightly build)
[06:36:56] Mark Ostermann: --> already discussed with TT (Tobi)
[06:37:19] Victor Perez Juarez: I think that the unique way is can see the contribution work , so that the procedure can be
[06:37:56] Mark Ostermann: but for functional/ technical review we will have to use own environments, because the contributions will only be integrated by RM as soon as the review of FT and TT has been agreed
[06:38:20] Mario Calderón: alright, so 
1.- what methodology do we use? (wiki page, jira, etc.)
2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)
[06:38:38] Mario Calderón: let's get concrete
[06:39:12] Victor Perez Juarez: 1.- Review the current documentation and information available , the functional consultant ask any doubt or question about the cotribution from a theorical approach, the contribution will should of answar this question
[06:39:18] John Agudelo: documentation
[06:39:24] Mark Ostermann: [14:39:03] Mario Calderón: 2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)

<<< we use user stories in our company
[06:39:37] Mark Ostermann: and describe test cases, before starting the implementation
[06:40:44] Victor Perez Juarez: 2.- The idea is start the discusion about the contributions , and that the fuctional consultan can get all the information for your analisys
[06:41:50] Victor Perez Juarez: 3.- The contribution can be a demo of your contribution for all funcional consultants, this demo or showrom can be via google hangout
[06:42:04] Mario Calderón: ok
[06:42:22] Mark Ostermann: what about discussing this from another perspektive. what would definitly lead to a reject/ delay of a contribution?
[06:42:29] Mario Calderón: please letś do a suggestion and we vote on it
[06:42:43] Mario Calderón: so we can move on
[06:43:05] Mark Ostermann: for example new functionality (not breaking anything existing) vs. old existing functionality what is refactored
[06:43:46] Victor Perez Juarez: 4.- The functional counsultant should have some time to testing and play with of contribution , and this way create some criterial and take a decision about the contribution, then the consultant should document their objections
[06:44:00] Colin Rooney: @Mark non-generic functionality!?
[06:44:11] Karsten Thiemann: @Colin: right
[06:44:16] Mark Ostermann: agree
[06:44:30] Colin Rooney: @Mark code that tries to tie the user to something else not open ?
[06:44:57] Karsten Thiemann: missing documentation
[06:45:14] Colin Rooney: @mark perhaps there are two similiar contributions and oneis better than the other
[06:45:35] Mark Ostermann: yepp, who decides (i believe FT/ TT or even ask the community as last instance)
[06:46:20] Colin Rooney: I would assume TT decids if the code is in a form that complies with the coding standards
[06:46:29] Colin Rooney: the FT decides the others
[06:46:52] Mario Calderón: ok so I would say, this was a "brain storming"
[06:46:53] Mario Calderón: now
[06:47:02] Mario Calderón: lets go to facts and decisions
[06:47:41] Mario Calderón: 1.- what methodology do we use? (wiki page, jira, etc.)
2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)
3.- distribute work

so, let's start with 1:
decide on the methodology
[06:48:13] Victor Perez Juarez: 5.- the contributor have some days to anwer and  resolve objections or we can decide that an assessment can be integrated with any state that is not stable and have a estabilisar time to cover all the objections to be released as stable
[06:48:47] Colin Rooney: I would go for wiki for FT & Jira for TT
[06:49:13] Mark Ostermann: @Colin +1
[06:49:34] John Agudelo: 1. wiki page
[06:49:37] Colin Rooney: @Victor definitely I would think first step for someone doing the review is to infomrm the contributor that this iwill happen
[06:50:07] Victor Perez Juarez: a problem now would define which and how fast we want to go
[06:50:23] Mark Ostermann: -> yes, this could be done by signing ur name (as FT) under Contribution in wiki and committing to do the review
[06:50:29] Mario Calderón: @Colin: +1
[06:50:39] Mark Ostermann: like started here
[06:50:39] Mark Ostermann: http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS
[06:51:01] Mark Ostermann: wdyt?
[06:51:27] Mario Calderón: +1
[06:51:28] Mark Ostermann: [14:50:50] Victor Perez Juarez: a problem now would define which and how fast we want to go

<<< @victor: this depends on each volunteer. i would suggest that each volunteer just commits to that what he can oversee and manage in a fair amount of time
[06:51:51] Colin Rooney: @Mark I see you & Tobi has done that - seems likea good idea
[06:52:28] Mario Calderón: other votes to Colin's suggestion?
[06:52:44] Karsten Thiemann: @Mark - yes we should just use this page
[06:53:08] Mario Calderón: Enrique, Victor?
[06:53:11] Mario Calderón: Mike?
[06:53:40] Victor Perez Juarez: What page?
[06:53:51] Colin Rooney: http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS
[06:55:37] Victor Perez Juarez: I think some the functional consultant that are here , have or use some contribution, so this consultant would have very clear functionality and how it works
[06:55:53] Mario Calderón: and in the "discussion" tab we can do the follow-up
[06:56:02] John Agudelo: we can should make the commentaries in discussion section
[06:56:13] Mark Ostermann: good idea Mario, John
[06:56:13] John Agudelo: http://www.adempiere.com/Talk:Release_380LTS
[06:57:10] Mark Ostermann: this way we will have one page with all needed infos for FT/ TT decisions
[06:57:40] Mark Ostermann: --> details (not needed for decision) can be put onto each contributions page
[06:58:11] Victor Perez Juarez: We need some way fastly to startin the discusion
[06:58:25] Victor Perez Juarez: I know not if discussion tab is the best approach
[06:59:05] Michael Judd: can we use the adempiere irc channel ?
[06:59:12] Enrique Ruibal: Also in Jira there is discussion tab
[07:00:19] Victor Perez Juarez: So if you ask me , I like use some as http://disqus.com embeded in each contribution pages and set here a dynamic discusion
[07:01:14] Mario Calderón: @Victor: can it be embedded in the wiki?
[07:02:02] Colin Rooney: I wonder what would happen to our discussion if the site disappeared!
[07:02:05] Colin Rooney: Keep it simple I say
[07:02:50] Victor Perez Juarez: yes is posiblle , we only need that wiki of adempiere allow the iframes or html embedded
[07:03:00] John Agudelo: yes we need be fast
[07:03:02] Victor Perez Juarez: how the example that you send via email
[07:03:03] Victor Perez Juarez: http://docs.scala-lang.org/overviews/parallel-collections/overview.html
[07:03:22] Victor Perez Juarez: you can see this example in end footer the documentaion
[07:04:01] Mark Ostermann: what about starting with the discussion page WIKI for now --> because we have it right now -> and then see what is needed for the future
[07:04:17] Mario Calderón: may I suggest something?
we seem to have approved the wiki/jira cosntellation

can Victor work it out and install one example?
[07:04:33] Mario Calderón: just one to see how it works?
[07:05:49] Mark Ostermann: [15:05:00] Mario Calderón: can Victor work it out and install one example?
just one to see how it works?

<<< agree ... and until then we just start using what we have ;-)
[07:06:21] Victor Perez Juarez: I not sure if can meke this in a wiki
[07:06:25] Mario Calderón: @Mark: exactly
[07:06:44] Mario Calderón: so
[07:06:50] Mario Calderón: we're don with 1
[07:07:01] Victor Perez Juarez: today in the morrny , I have some issues , becasue to error overwrite my wiki comments
[07:07:18] Mario Calderón: still missing:

2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)
3.- distribute work
[07:07:40] Victor Perez Juarez: then I not know if in discusion tab I can overwrite or delete some discution of other consultnats by some error
[07:07:57] Victor Perez Juarez: somebody use here the discusssion tab?
[07:08:27] Mario Calderón: @let's work with it . In the meantime we try different approaches.
[07:08:40] Mario Calderón: 
2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)
[07:08:46] Mark Ostermann: [15:08:01] Mario Calderón: 2.- what elemets do we use? (scenarios, documentation, tsts)

<<< we started with brainstorming about this above
[07:09:04] Colin Rooney: 2. first thing must bethe wiki page I assume - since we ask that it is completed with the contribution
[07:09:17] Mark Ostermann: so perhaps we can aggregate what we discussed
[07:09:32] Karsten Thiemann: @Victor - it's like in a normal wiki page, we'll have the history of the discussion
[07:10:03] Colin Rooney: since this is all old contributions I would suggest we be flexible - we can ask the contributor for any info or to meet & chat in IRC or skype or whereever if needed
[07:10:20] Mark Ostermann: +1
[07:10:39] Mario Calderón: +1
[07:11:18] Karsten Thiemann: 2. the wiki template of the feature should have at least the basic information of the feature.
[07:12:00] Mario Calderón: I'd like to suggest, that every volunteer who takes responsibility may change the wiki page to add the information he gets
[07:12:49] Victor Perez Juarez: The most important value to improve the work or contribution is that the contribution can be submitted to dicusión, this allows us to know and know things that the contribudor not well thought and enhance the contribution in the future, so I think that is a valuable part intellectual capital equity is necessary to create that atmosphere of discussion
[07:12:49] Enrique Ruibal: @colin +1 agree lets make things simpler, most of these features have been there for long
[07:13:09] Colin Rooney: @Karsten +1
[07:13:26] Colin Rooney: @Mario +1
[07:13:37] Mario Calderón: other votes?
[07:14:08] Mark Ostermann: @colin +1
[07:14:21] Enrique Ruibal: I think functional team members should commit to a quick evaluation e.g pros and cons of each feature then give its judgment to include in release branch
[07:14:27] Enrique Ruibal: +1
[07:14:36] Michael Judd: +1
[07:15:14] Colin Rooney: +1
[07:15:21] John Agudelo: @Karsten +1
@Mario +1
[07:15:27] Mark Ostermann: @enrique +1
[07:15:42] Mario Calderón: great!

so let's move on the actual reason of our meeting:

3.- distribute work
[07:16:22] John Agudelo: I have to go, bye all
[07:16:27] Mark Ostermann: thats easy: everybody grab a contribution unless there will all be gone in a few minutes :)
[07:16:49] Victor Perez Juarez: @Karsten +1 , Mario +1 , Enrique + 1 ,  Colin +1
[07:16:52] Mark Ostermann: bye john
[07:16:58] Mario Calderón: there are major and minor contributions
[07:17:33] Mark Ostermann: i believe this does not matter, because it depends on the volunteer expertise and time what to take next
[07:17:38] Colin Rooney: bye John
[07:17:39] Mario Calderón: ..and there are 4  blocks: Adaxa's, eEvolution's, Meta's and Walking Tree's
[07:18:05] Colin Rooney: Don't we just update the main wiki pageto add our name as Mark suggetsed earlier?
[07:18:17] Victor Perez Juarez: MArio I think should work under mayor contribution because this will have a big impact in release
[07:18:24] Mark Ostermann: the only thing we should take care about is that a contributor should not review his own contribution
[07:18:35] Colin Rooney: It might be useful to select contributions from contrinbutors in your timezone to ease communication
[07:18:50] Victor Perez Juarez: so in Prority I will take first the mayor and after the minior
[07:19:13] Mario Calderón: I can take over the eEvolution contributions, as I have implemented most of them
[07:19:24] Colin Rooney: +1 Mark - for sure
[07:19:58] Colin Rooney: I'll take whatever Mike will apply to his installation for me to test :)
[07:20:09] Mark Ostermann: :-)
[07:20:18] Colin Rooney: Perhaps we can work together on these Mike?
[07:20:18] Mario Calderón: of Adaxa, I use CRM and Migration
[07:20:29] Victor Perez Juarez: I can have some the Adaxa that I had implement with my customer
[07:20:56] Mario Calderón: lets recapitulate: please everybody writes his selection:
[07:21:02] Enrique Ruibal: I could help with Mario testing on Victor's contributions
[07:21:29] Victor Perez Juarez: SO I can review of Sales Management (CRM)
[07:21:37] Victor Perez Juarez: Migration Management
[07:21:47] Victor Perez Juarez: Manufacturing Light
[07:22:18] Michael Judd: @colin - no problem.
[07:22:19] Victor Perez Juarez: this not use , but can review becasue is a cleat comptence with some my contribution
[07:22:32] Enrique Ruibal: I would like to add preventive (fleet) management to integrate in release branch
[07:22:40] Michael Judd: I have previously tested and integrated some of adaxa's contributions including the original testing on the reconciliation
[07:22:51] Victor Perez Juarez: Initial Client Setup (including. tax configuration)
[07:23:24] Karsten Thiemann: I could review the metas contributions (dunning/SPM)
[07:23:32] Victor Perez Juarez: Chart into Application Dictionary
Password Hash
Memo Alert
[07:24:23] Victor Perez Juarez: I like review Range based lookup (hope this includes all date selection fields in search screens being a fom date/to date per the WT wiki)
Separate database for read and write operations, Included tabs as horizontal tabs
[07:24:23] Mario Calderón: who takes care of Walking Tree's contributions?
[07:24:43] Mario Calderón: oops! Victor was quicker
[07:24:51] Victor Perez Juarez: if metas I like review SPM Software Project Management
[07:24:56] Mark Ostermann: [15:21:39] Mario Calderón: lets recapitulate: please everybody writes his selection:

<<< pls take only one contribution at a time
[07:25:02] Michael Judd: I will do them - but they are a little more difficult to test - is the read/write more of a technical test ?
[07:25:06] Colin Rooney: Does it all need to be assigned now?
[07:25:19] Mario Calderón: @colin: no
[07:25:31] Colin Rooney: I'm thinking Scrum... short Sprints 1 week 2 max
[07:25:38] Colin Rooney: keeps the goals simple
[07:25:41] Mark Ostermann: @colin. no i would suggest to only take one at a time -> then finish -  result -> take next one
[07:25:55] Victor Perez Juarez: @Colin I think that is wishlist , next we should define some schedule or agenda
[07:26:08] Victor Perez Juarez: of course we need a window time
[07:26:27] Mario Calderón: so, let's do something that encompasses all contributions, but we can se how we move on
[07:26:44] Karsten Thiemann: @Mark - ok then I'll start with your dunning functionality
[07:27:07] Mark Ostermann: [15:26:51] Victor Perez Juarez: of course we need a window time

<<< window time is already set. we have a release date fixed - 1 month stabilisation
[07:27:09] Mario Calderón: I'd like to suggest that on every page -on the top- it is an entry for the people who are analyzing it
[07:27:12] Mario Calderón: only one
[07:27:28] Mark Ostermann: @carsten great! you know ur dunning grace allready ;-)
[07:27:30] Mario Calderón: after they are finished, the move on to the next
[07:28:03] Mario Calderón: so they are not "taken"
[07:28:18] Mario Calderón: and others can take over and engage
[07:28:33] Mark Ostermann: +1
[07:28:43] Mario Calderón: so nobody starts with two contribs at once
[07:28:56] Colin Rooney: While I probably now most - could I ask that we have a (non-published) list of contacts - 1  for each contributor.  So if we have questions or want to arrange a talk we have an agreed  contact
[07:29:07] Enrique Ruibal: I have to leave to another meeting.. I'll catch up with conclusions from this one.
[07:29:11] Enrique Ruibal: Take care all
[07:29:28] Mark Ostermann: @mario. yes, but name should be put under contribution in http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS too
[07:29:28] Colin Rooney: Bye Enrique
[07:29:36] Mark Ostermann: bye enrique
[07:29:42] Mario Calderón: @Enrique: bye
I will contact you on the eEvolution contribs
[07:29:54] Enrique Ruibal: yes, Mario looking forward to it
[07:32:03] Mario Calderón: If you wish, I can add to every page an entry for putting there who are the people who are analizing it functionally
[07:32:23] Mario Calderón: and their opinion
[07:32:31] Mario Calderón: the same technically
[07:32:43] Mario Calderón: and we put our names on it
[07:32:50] Karsten Thiemann: @Mario that would be great
[07:32:51] Mario Calderón: only one at the time
[07:33:00] Mark Ostermann: good idea!
[07:33:12] Colin Rooney: well I was thinking not to publish so people's emaisl are not skiimed for spam
[07:33:53] Mario Calderón: should we call the community to help us on it??
[07:34:00] Victor Perez Juarez: I offer you a showroom for each of my contributions once who are interested in discussing my contribution, this should give you a good idea how to start to evaluate and discuss such contribution
[07:34:05] Colin Rooney: I plan to for myself!
[07:34:15] Mario Calderón: @Victor: yes please!!!!
[07:34:42] Mario Calderón: this would be great
[07:34:54] Mark Ostermann: @victor: very nice!
[07:35:25] Victor Perez Juarez: So please propose the best day and time for the show room
[07:36:04] Mario Calderón: @victor: tomorrow?
[07:36:10] Mario Calderón: this time?
[07:36:32] Mark Ostermann: i believe TT Meeting was scheduled tomorrow
[07:36:33] Mario Calderón: (we must hurry up)
[07:36:43] Mario Calderón: or later..
[07:36:53] Mario Calderón: we can arrange
[07:36:54] Mario Calderón: ok
[07:36:58] Mario Calderón: so dear all
[07:37:03] Mario Calderón: are we finished?
[07:37:23] Mario Calderón: we can ask Steven if Adaxa can take over something
[07:37:27] Victor Perez Juarez: I propouse tomorrow or friday
[07:38:04] Mark Ostermann: yepp, i believe we are done for today. thanks alot for this meeting. we are moving! ;-)
[07:38:11] Victor Perez Juarez: so I only have answer from Tobias
[07:38:39] Victor Perez Juarez: I need know some answar the other technical team
[07:38:49] Victor Perez Juarez: Teo, Trifon , John
[07:39:05] Mario Calderón: bye all and good day !
[07:39:37] Victor Perez Juarez: bye all
[07:39:48] Mark Ostermann: bye all, have a nice day. cu
[07:40:13] Colin Rooney: bye all
[07:40:14] Karsten Thiemann: see you
[07:41:18] Victor Perez Juarez: see yo
[07:41:21] Victor Perez Juarez: you
[07:42:02] Michael Judd: bye
[07:42:45] Victor Perez Juarez: bye