FT/TT meeting minutes feb 03th 2011

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

1.- General:

Moderator: Victor

Participants: Teo, Karsten,Tobias,Mark,Mario, Paul

Missing: Michael, Kai, Ramiro

2.-Mercurial Repository Structure

  • PMC is not responsible for contributions (just for the main line).
  • Only PMC will have access to the shell
  • PMC create repositories on request of any contributor, each contributor can have your repository

3.-ADempiere framework Test Suite

  • ADempiere Test Suite will be created with the goal to have funcional tests that allow validate if a new version is stable.
  • The funcional tests will be based on script test using the ADempiere webui in first stage,

4.-About the new functionality (Delivery_Policy, Rounding, Hide list view)

  • The new functionality should be evaluated and approved by Functional PMC , if new functionality is approved then can be release as stable next version

5.-ADempiere Roadmap

  • ADempiere will have 3 releases per year, a release every 4 months
  • The first cycle start is february + 3 months and + 1 month for stabilization, so the next release date will be 31st May
  • the new version will include the new functionalities approved and bugfixes.

6.-Next meeting

  • We will meet next on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 at the same time (15:00 hours GMT)
  • Karsten will moderate the next Meeting