FT/TT meeting minutes November 21st 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Mark Ostermann
    • Participants: Tobias Schöneberg, Teo Sarca, Victor Perez, Michael McKay, Karsten Thiemann, Mario Calderon, and the moderator himself.
    • Date/ Time: Nov. 21st 2011/15h - 17h GMT
    • Decision about publishing Functional Team (FT)/ Technical Team (TT) Meeting Minutes more frequently to allow/ encourage ADempiere community to follow and participate. Everybody is invited to participate in FT/ TT work. If you are interested in participating, drop a short note in forum or write an eMail to one of the current members.
    • Functional Team (FT)/ Technical Team (TT) - as Team, not speaking about individual Members here - will not give statement about current flamethreads.
  2. Pulling changesets from Carlos Ruiz
    • FT/ TT discussed about actions in the past that may have promoted some heated situations. One main action was identified as "pulling changesets from Carlos Ruiz".
    • FT and TT members decided to not actively pull (and merge into ADempiere) changesets from Carlos Ruiz for the time beeing (beginning Nov. 21st 2011).
    • Changes/ Fixes/ Features that are provided/ pushed from Carlos Ruiz will be treated by FT/ TT in the same manner as all others, according to ADempiere software development procedure.
    • This decision is made, although GPL allows ADempiere Project to take/ merge.
  3. Mavenizing ADempiere
    • Further progress about effort to mavenizing ADempiere.
    • Credits: Thanks to Silvano aka freepath for providing his mavenizing milestone, thanks to Tobi aka tobi42 for proceeding the work, and Philip Gosweiler aka ackh for his cleanup-ant-FR, and last but not least thanks to Dominik aka banym for setting up the nexus server for us.
    • Tobi and Teo estimate finishing mavenizing ADempiere by end of this month (Nov. 2011).
  4. Service Pack release/ Service Pack Distribution
    • A service pack is a minor ADempiere update, e.g. from version 3.7.0 to 3.7.1.
    • A service pack release should only contain the differences between the current (last) and the new minor version.
    • Both the patches.jar file and the migration scripts should be applied by the system, the user should only have to push a button.
    • Service pack releases should be downloaded by adempiere automatically from a public repository. Again, it should be as easy for the user as possible.
    • Suggestion made: use the ADeV-nexus server as public repository
  5. Next Meeting
    • The next FT/ TT Meeting will take place on 5th Dec. 2011/ 15h GMT (to be confirmed).