FT/TT meeting minutes March 3rd 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Mario
    • Participants: Enrique Ruibal (left meeting), Mario Calderon, Victor Perez, Karsten Thiemann, Tobias Schoeneberg, Teo Sarca, Mike Judd (left meeting), Mike McKay (new member)
  2. Mike McKay as new Functional Team member
    • Mike McKay (Ottawa, Canada) was invited to join the Functional Team.
    • He presented himself, see CV , indicating his willingness to cooperate.
    • Mike was elected unanimously as a new member of the Functional Team.
    • He becomes the newest team member after the election of Enrique Ruibal (Hermosillo, Mexico).
    • The FT/TT members welcomed Mike; Mike thanked for the election.
  3. ADempiere Server Test
    • There is already a Virtual Server running on an Amazon server, set up by Victor.
    • A site is needed where all testers can log in to.
    • Adempiere eV will be asked if there is a spare room in the newly purchased server.
  4. Testing framework evaluation status
    • Members of the functional team tested three different environments: Selenium, Fitnesse, and Sahi. Also, the experiences by red1 were taken into account.
    • Selenium
      • the desirable option, because it is the standard for Ajax apps.
      • Issue: Firefox can't get the focus for buttons for Adempiere ZK. Safari and Chrome work OK.
      • It is not a Selenium issue, but Adempiere's, because tests with other apps were positive.
      • It still will be tested if there is a way to circumvent the issue.
    • Fitnesse
      • tester needs to know both SQL and business processes. A functional tester lacks of SQL knowledge.
    • Sahi
      • For more information, see
      • Good for UI tests.
      • Was already considered by former PMC
      • It seems pretty straight forward: you can record your session, create a script with assertions automatically and run the test.
      • No need to have any SQL or DB knowledge.
    • After a discussion, it was voted to start with Sahi for WebUI test.
    • Later we can see how/if other tools are used.
    • Implementation steps:
      • 1.- Get official server
      • 2.- Install ubuntu, integration tools, ADempiere
      • 3.- Create a wiki tutorial or instructive how any funcional consultant can create a funcional script using Sahi like in
      • 4.- Recollect the Funcional Tests for integration into ADempiere Test Suite. A starting approach can be found here.
      • 5.- Bug fixing would require a Sahi test. This way the tester / functional consultant can replicate, evaluate the patch and error.
      • 6.- Use the ADempiere Test Suite to release the next version stable
    • this way the acceptance of a bug would be automated.
    • Also the definition of a release as "stable" would take place after the successful execution of scripts.
  5. Patches on Mercurial trunk
    • As decided on last meeting, the patches will be applied to the Mercurial trunk ASAP.
  6. PMC in Adempiere wiki
    • It is desirable that community members and anybody who accesses the ADempiere site find easily information related to the PMC.
    • Passed over to CC next meeting
  7. Next Meeting
    • Thursday, March 10th, 2011
    • 15 hours GMT
    • Moderator: Mike Judd