FT/TT meeting minutes June 24th 2013

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Mario Calderon
    • Secretary: Karsten Thiemann
    • Participants: Colin Rooney, John Agudelo, Karsten Thiemann, Mario Calderon, Mark Ostermann, Pradeep Lavania, Suman Ravuri, Steven Sackett, Tobias Schöneberg, Victor Perez, Michael Judd
    • Date / Time: June 24th 2013 / 12:00h - 15:00h GMT
  2. Agenda
    • Status development rights for Suman/Walking Tree
    • Working Environment Adaxa, eEvolution, Metas, Walking Tree
    • Status Functional reviews
    • Status Technical reviews
    • Actions to do
    • Next meeting
  3. Status development rights for Suman/Walking Tree
    • They have the required rights, created a 380rc1 branch and set up a test instance.
  4. Working Environment Adaxa, eEvolution, Metas, Walking Tree
  5. Status Functional reviews
      • See http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS for the actual status.
      • Most contributions have been functionally reviewed, the rest is in progress.
      • Some contributions are just working with the swing client. If they don't effect other functionality they will be included as beta.
  6. Status Technical reviews
    • The technical team started to review functionality that already has been reviewed by the functional team.
    • Technically reviewed functionality will be integrated by Walking Tree (release manager).
    • Technical team will have a meeting on friday to discuss the actual status.
  7. Actions to do
    • Elaborate a list of depricated functionality to discuss with the community. Goal is to remove unused functionality from the trunc.
    • Walking Tree starts integrating technically reviewed functionality.
    • Complete functional tests
    • Complete technical tests
  8. Next meeting
    • Monday, July 1st, 12:00 GMT


Following is the meeting log - time is in GMT +2

Monday, June 24, 2013
[13:53:24] Mario Calderón: Agenda
1.- Status development rights for Suman/Walking Tree
    Repository created?
2.- Working Environment Adaxa, eEvolution, Metas, Walking Tree
3.- Status Functional reviews
4.- Status Technical reviews
5.- Actions to do
6.- Next meeting
[13:53:46] suman ravuri: Hi Mario
[13:53:56] Mario Calderón: hi Suman
[13:56:03] Tobias Schoeneberg: hi
[13:56:17] Mario Calderón: hi Tobi
[13:56:28] Pradeep Lavania: Hi Everybody
[13:56:30] Michael Judd: hi all
[13:58:00] Mario Calderón: hi Mike
[13:58:07] Mario Calderón: Pradeep
[14:04:24] Karsten Thiemann: hi
[14:04:44] Victor Perez Juarez: hi
[14:07:49] Mario Calderón: do we wait the "academical" 15 mins?
[14:08:29] Michael Judd: I say no - otherwsie we always waste this time .....
[14:08:52] Mario Calderón: other opinions?
[14:08:53] Karsten Thiemann: let's start
[14:09:29] Mario Calderón: ok
[14:09:53] Mario Calderón: Secretary, moderator?
[14:10:26] Karsten Thiemann: I'll do the minutes
[14:11:10] Mario Calderón: I can moderate
[14:11:34] suman ravuri: Let us start then
[14:12:11] Mario Calderón: any comments/modifications to the agenda?
[14:12:42] Karsten Thiemann: no
[14:12:59] suman ravuri: no
[14:13:25] Mark Ostermann: hi all, sry was on phone
[14:13:30] Mario Calderón: hi Mark
[14:13:38] Mario Calderón: 1.- Status development rights for Suman/Walking Tree
    Repository created?
[14:13:53] suman ravuri: I got the required access
[14:13:58] suman ravuri: able to checkout code
[14:14:10] John Agudelo: hi all
[14:14:15] suman ravuri: created a new branch with name 380rc1
[14:14:42] suman ravuri: started making changes to build application
[14:15:49] Mario Calderón: so you are able to do your work?
[14:17:07] John Agudelo: wich is the link to 380rc1 ?
[14:17:26] John Agudelo: I can't see in http://hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/
[14:17:28] suman ravuri: I am yet to commit
[14:17:38 | Edited 14:18:26] John Agudelo: or http://hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/adempiere/
[14:17:55] John Agudelo: ok, suman
[14:19:29] Mario Calderón: when suman is ready, can you inform the FT/TT?
[14:19:52] suman ravuri: I am able to do work
[14:20:03] suman ravuri: so we can proceed
[14:20:25] suman ravuri: http://adempiere.walkingtree.in/admin/
[14:20:38] suman ravuri: we have this isntance up and running
[14:20:40] Michael Judd: can I check this is the correct URL - not hg.code.sf.net/p/adempiere
[14:20:59] suman ravuri: this is for adempiere 380 release
[14:21:16] suman ravuri: it will be converted into nightly build
[14:21:36] Mario Calderón: great. Thanks Suman
[14:21:44] Mario Calderón: 2.- Working Environment Adaxa, eEvolution, Metas, Walking Tree
[14:23:02 | Edited 14:23:26] Mario Calderón: Adaxa : 38testing.adaxa.com/webui
Metas: ?
Walking Tree: ?
[14:23:30 | Edited 14:23:49] Mark Ostermann: metas: inProgress, not online yet
[14:24:16] suman ravuri: http://eaglerp.walkingtree.in/admin/
[14:24:21] suman ravuri: for walkingtree
[14:24:57] Mario Calderón: login/passwd?
[14:25:10] suman ravuri: GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin
[14:25:59] Mario Calderón: any suggestions how to proceed with contributions from OFB, Mike McKay?
[14:26:26] John Agudelo: e-volution: http://eevolution.nickelnetworks.com/webui/index.zul
All users (SuperUser, System, GardenAdmin GardebUser) have a pasword of SystemSystem
[14:26:47] Mario Calderón: also Adaxa's
[14:27:50] Mario Calderón: 3.- Status Functional reviews
See http://www.adempiere.com/Release_380LTS

Most contributions have been functionally reviewed.
[14:29:05] Mario Calderón: any comments, commitments to test?
[14:29:16] suman ravuri: Can I know the list of the features tha are already part of main development branch?
[14:31:07 | Edited 14:31:19] Mario Calderón: I would say, the ones which have been reviewed and approved
[14:31:46] Mario Calderón: (functionally)
[14:35:21] suman ravuri: ok
[14:36:28] Victor Perez Juarez: About the McKay contribution , can see that only are in swing
[14:37:28] Victor Perez Juarez: the same happen with GL reconciliation
[14:37:47] Mario Calderón: what do we do in these cases?
[14:37:49] Victor Perez Juarez: So the question need be complete to integrate I suppose
[14:38:07] Mario Calderón: can the contributor be asked to complete?
[14:38:15] Victor Perez Juarez: or include as Beta
[14:38:34] Victor Perez Juarez: or Ask the RM to finish?
[14:38:37] suman ravuri: My suggestion would be request contributor first
[14:39:25] Karsten Thiemann: I would include it as beta if it is fully functional in the swing client if it can't be completed in time.
[14:39:32] John Agudelo: there are volunteer to complete this in zk?
[14:40:43] Mark Ostermann: [14:39] Karsten Thiemann: 

<<< I would include it as beta if it is fully functional in the swing client if it can't be completed in time.agree. i suggest to proceed this way for all stuff that does not effect other functionality
[14:41:09] Mario Calderón: @Karsten,Mark: agree
[14:41:52] John Agudelo: El 24/06/13, a las 07:38, Victor Perez Juarez escribió:
> or include as Beta
[14:42:13] Mario Calderón: is there a list of contribs only for swing?
[14:42:21] Victor Perez Juarez: Mario can then starting with that are complete
[14:42:53] Mario Calderón: we can ask the contributors to finish, meanwhile they are marked as "beta"
[14:42:56] Victor Perez Juarez: to send this to technical team and  if all is ok then can integrate in rc1
[14:43:39 | Edited 14:46:00] Mario Calderón: any volunteers to do the missing functional reviews? WTs contributions, Metas', some of eEvolution and Adaxa's.
[14:45:24] John Agudelo: I testing the contributions of WT
[14:46:11] John Agudelo: but I don't know how to test this feature "Separate database for read and write operations"
[14:47:19] suman ravuri: I will be able to help you for testing
[14:47:35] Mario Calderón: @John: perhaps it is a technical feature, like password hash
[14:48:09] John Agudelo: ok
[14:48:09 | Edited 14:48:38] Mark Ostermann: http://www.adempiere.com/Mobil_WebUI --> proposal to add this too. i reviewed first version of this about 1-2 years ago and like it (still had some bugs, but does not break anything). I can write a small review, but could be added as Beta without harm.
[14:49:02] Victor Perez Juarez: I think that we need ask to Adaxa if they have not some patches
[14:50:05] Mario Calderón: @Mark: can you document it? so to have a basis from which to proceed
[14:50:44] Mark Ostermann: ok
[14:50:52] Victor Perez Juarez: I will like test SPM Software Project Management , when Metas is ready
[14:51:10] Victor Perez Juarez: and AIT/ Unit Testing Framework
[14:51:17] Mark Ostermann: @victor: great, thx
[14:51:42] Victor Perez Juarez: and all Walking Tree
[14:51:43] Mark Ostermann: i've just grabbed http://www.adempiere.com/Cashflow_Management for my next review
[14:51:59] Victor Perez Juarez: now that I had demo server Walkingtree Contributor

Range based lookup (hope this includes all date selection fields in search screens being a fom date/to date per the WT wiki)
XLS option for jasper reports
Separate database for read and write operations
Included tabs as horizontal tabs
[14:53:44] Victor Perez Juarez: Mario I think that we can starting implementing the improves and subjection that you write in your revision
[14:54:46] Victor Perez Juarez: this way I can go complete and ask the TT to finish with the revision , and if all is ok the can include in rc1
[14:56:02] Mario Calderón: so far with Functional Reviews?
[14:56:42] suman ravuri: I have taken rc1 from main development branch
[14:56:57] suman ravuri: it has already some of the features code integrated
[14:57:04] suman ravuri: we will live with them?
[14:57:11] suman ravuri: example java 7
[14:57:20] suman ravuri: java 7 support
[14:57:32 | Edited 14:57:47] Mario Calderón: @Suman: Java 7 is a must
[14:57:50 | Edited 14:58:15] John Agudelo: when I loggin in ui mobile with es_co language the buttons in the bottom "find" and "new record" have text in english
[14:57:50] Victor Perez Juarez: yes Suman I include that I think that is necessary had to other can be review
[14:57:51] suman ravuri: ok
[14:58:01] suman ravuri: ok fine
[14:58:10] Victor Perez Juarez: and other hand would be general solution
[14:58:24] Victor Perez Juarez: for example java 7 , migration xml , smart browser
[14:58:39] suman ravuri: Can some one collate list of features for which code is already in main development branch
[14:58:51] Victor Perez Juarez: then was before that we starting with this process
[14:59:16] suman ravuri: So that I can start tesing them
[14:59:17] Victor Perez Juarez: my idea was integrate other but I want that other review and get your comments
[15:00:23] suman ravuri: as part of merge and release process I will share my feedback to  contribtutors
[15:00:42] Victor Perez Juarez: other for example that I want ask is about the Manufacturing Functionality and Payroll
[15:01:12] Victor Perez Juarez: it now are as extension in other repositories
[15:01:30] Victor Perez Juarez: but it isn come with a lot the problems to debugs and integration
[15:01:44] Victor Perez Juarez: so I want ask if I can integrate into the core code
[15:03:19] Mario Calderón: @Victor: agree, as the most important part (the model) is already in Adempiere trunk
[15:03:22] Mario Calderón: so....
[15:03:24 | Edited 15:04:27] Mario Calderón: :O
[15:03:45] Victor Perez Juarez: Mario before the continue with 4
[15:03:51] Mario Calderón: a statement of th Technical Team guys?
[15:03:55] Victor Perez Juarez: I have one question
[15:04:08] Mario Calderón: oops! sorry
[15:04:20] Victor Perez Juarez: we should deprecate and remove some contribution
[15:04:39] Victor Perez Juarez: for example posterita , and html web
[15:04:51] Mario Calderón: good point
[15:05:17] Tobias Schoeneberg: [15:03] Mario Calderón: 

<<< a statement of th Technical Team guys?personally (as i already discussed with karsten on another topic), for me the way should rather be to remove functioan features from th "main" branch, rather that adding more..
[15:05:55] Tobias Schoeneberg: but i think we need to review&discuss this on an individual level..
[15:06:00] Mario Calderón: @all: can we elaborate a list of deprecations and vote next week?
Posterita, HTML web, what else??
[15:06:45] Steven: the html web stuff was the basis of the phone ui and we use it for other things also.
[15:07:09] Mario Calderón: oh! then let's leave it
[15:07:20] Victor Perez Juarez: ok then we can change the ui html by movie ui
[15:07:40] John Agudelo: movie ui?
[15:07:52] Mario Calderón: just a name
[15:08:02] Mario Calderón: we can keep it as it is
[15:08:09] Mario Calderón: if it is used
[15:08:25] John Agudelo: mobile ui?
[15:08:53 | Edited 15:09:03] Steven: yes .. sorry should have said mobile ui
[15:09:44] Victor Perez Juarez: the other case is mysql support
[15:10:05] Victor Perez Juarez: I saw that Trifon finish with the code integration , but we need a seed
[15:10:10] Steven: btw .. i have seen reports that the mobile ui does not work with Russian and some similar languages.  We have no idea what to do about this.
[15:10:23] Victor Perez Juarez: to finish with the integration
[15:10:31] Mario Calderón: @all: can we ask the community before deprecating?
Perhaps somebody is using Posterita, MySQL, etc.
[15:11:07] Karsten Thiemann: @Mario: yes we should do that
[15:11:09] Victor Perez Juarez: I think that if we use the xml migration , and migration compare , we can get an mysql complete solution
[15:13:04] Mario Calderón: ok 
any further opinions about Functional Reviews?
[15:13:34 | Edited 15:15:05] Mark Ostermann: [15:11] Victor Perez Juarez: 

<<< I think that if we use the xml migrationteo, loby (another metas guy) are extending/ refactoring xml migration atm so that we can use this for metas contributions for ADempiere. we will contribute our xml stuff back as soon as possible.
[15:13:51] Steven: functional review of costing modifications is not complete yet .. still working on it.
[15:14:12] Karsten Thiemann: costing would be an important improvement
[15:14:21] Karsten Thiemann: (working costing..)
[15:15:15] Victor Perez Juarez: also I know that some contribution that are  forgotten
[15:15:25] Victor Perez Juarez: that I think that should be include
[15:15:45] Victor Perez Juarez: for example
[15:15:45] Victor Perez Juarez: http://www.adempiere.com/Migrate_-_Migrating_a_Database
[15:16:12] Mario Calderón: @Victor: include it in our page
[15:16:22] Mario Calderón: so, now
4.-Status Technical reviews
[15:17:03] Karsten Thiemann: I took a look at the new dunning functionality from metas but we still need to discuss that in the technical team
[15:17:40] Victor Perez Juarez: but Mario then we can remove that functionality ?
[15:17:54] Victor Perez Juarez: because this work can go advanced the RM
[15:18:20] Victor Perez Juarez: we need take some design now?
[15:20:14] Tobias Schoeneberg: [15:16] Mario Calderón: 

<<< 4.-Status Technical reviewsi didn't achive a lot last week due to a customer going live and problems popping up...only this morning i wrote a mail wrt Sales-Mangement-Open -Items to Steven and Paul Bowden, but paul is currently sick..
[15:20:24] Tobias Schoeneberg: ..so that's my status
[15:22:01 | Edited 15:22:09] Mario Calderón: other TT statements?
[15:22:23 | Edited 15:23:24] Steven: Costing Review .. I spent a day on it and confued myself. I will test further on Victor's test system tomorrow.
[15:22:56] Victor Perez Juarez: since I can not be judge and jury, I can only commit to review the contributions of adaxa, Goals, WalkTree for this week
[15:22:56] Steven: Susanne and myself have scheduled time to check more things tomorrow.
[15:24:02] Victor Perez Juarez: Stenven if you need that attend , I would
[15:25:19] Steven: ok
[15:26:21] Steven: Can I ask which new functionality is not yet able to be checked in a test system?
[15:27:01] Victor Perez Juarez: Steven can please list new functionality is not yet able ?
[15:27:03 | Edited 15:35:06] Steven: Are there any pieces of work that are now identified as ok for WT to start incorporating or is there another step beforehand? I am thinking of smaller things and things that do not affect existing parts of the system.
[15:28:12] Mario Calderón: it seems the Technical Team has to do a lot still
[15:29:41 | Edited 15:29:49] Mario Calderón: also not too many people : Tobi, Victor, Teo, Karsten?
[15:29:53] Mark Ostermann: [15:28] Mario Calderón: 

<<< it seems the Technical Team has to do a lot stilljust give them some time. they are discussing their reviews to find out further best practices atm.
[15:30:15] Mark Ostermann: which i believe is important too
[15:30:28] Mark Ostermann: ... to avoid conflicts in future
[15:32:12] Karsten Thiemann: one problem is that the old adempiere/compiere design is far from actual java best practices and design patterns..
[15:32:13] Victor Perez Juarez: in my revision I will set any fault to http://www.adempiere.com/index.php/ADempiere_Best_Practices
[15:34:47] Victor Perez Juarez: @Karsten can give an example about   old adempiere/compiere design
[15:35:09] Karsten Thiemann: sql statements directly in the code
[15:35:11] Victor Perez Juarez: because if we need improve out ABP I think that is good know that we should add
[15:35:43] Victor Perez Juarez: ok this case we had this ABP
[15:35:45] Victor Perez Juarez: http://www.adempiere.com/index.php/ADempiere_Best_Practices#How_to_use_Adempiere_Query_class.3F
[15:35:45] Karsten Thiemann: the model classes we need to regenerate for customizations
[15:35:56] Victor Perez Juarez: we should apply the Teo approach
[15:36:15] Karsten Thiemann: that's what metas it doing
[15:37:36] Karsten Thiemann: and I think it is a good approach - the only problem I see is the mixture in the project if we use a new design for new functionality without migrating the old
[15:38:35] Karsten Thiemann: but let us discuss that in the TT
[15:39:18] Tobias Schoeneberg: agree
[15:39:25] Victor Perez Juarez: agree
[15:39:29] Mario Calderón: ok
[15:39:34] John Agudelo: yes
[15:39:46] Mario Calderón: so the TT will meet to discuss these matter?
[15:39:46] Victor Perez Juarez: I for example my new contribution Use the migration xml from adaxa
[15:39:48] John Agudelo: is another topic
[15:40:03] Karsten Thiemann: I think we will meet on friday
[15:40:08] Victor Perez Juarez: this way is more easy for me , because patch xml is more easy that SQL
[15:40:51] Victor Perez Juarez: I need use this same approach for Clashflow Engine and other old contribution as budget management
[15:40:55 | Edited 15:41:39] Mario Calderón: @Victor, Steven: functionally, I only suggested to describe how to create the XML file
[15:41:11 | Edited 15:41:49] Mario Calderón: the rest works just fine
[15:42:43] Victor Perez Juarez: yes Mario , I can confirm , I used in my production environment , and was helpful
[15:43:20] suman ravuri: I need to leave now, will read chat later
[15:43:28] Steven: Can I ask if there are any of the functional improvements that are now ok for WT to start integrating?  maybe small things or things that do not affect existing functionality?
[15:43:32] Victor Perez Juarez: I want ask about the a current error that we get from repository
[15:43:34] Victor Perez Juarez: Hi Mario/Victor,
                           I am getting following error, when I am trying to push a new branch. Can you help me to fix this issue


D:\AdempiereRM\adempiere-code>hg push --new-branch
pushing to ssh://adempiererm@hg.code.sf.net/p/adempiere/code
searching for changes
no changes found
remote: *** failed to import extension sethguser from /hgrepo/a/ad/adempiere/con
fig/sethguser.py: [Errno 2] No such file or directory


[15:44:07] Victor Perez Juarez: it is cause after SF migration, is because the user notice not work
[15:44:14] Mario Calderón: @Steven: I just wanted to proceed with
[15:44:28] suman ravuri: did any one checked in after new SF migration?
[15:44:32] Victor Perez Juarez: so I want ask if some know how can solve
[15:44:39] suman ravuri: checkin code
[15:44:51] Mario Calderón: @Victor: can the technical guys solve this ?
[15:45:04] John Agudelo: IMHO Don't matter if this feature affect existing funcionality, beacuse is RC versión
[15:45:55] suman ravuri: did anyone checkin code after SF migration?
[15:46:13] Victor Perez Juarez: @Mario , may be , only ask if somebody know that add this extension
[15:46:17] Mario Calderón: I think we're finished with Technical Reviews: they will meet this week and some have committed to review
[15:47:00] Mario Calderón: 5.- Actions to do
[15:48:30] suman ravuri: Can someone tell a way to fix the problem I am facing
[15:48:41] Tobias Schoeneberg: @Victor:
[15:43] Victor Perez Juarez: 

<<< fig/sethguser.py: [Errno 2] No such file or directoryi had the same error..didn't have time to react yet..maybe we should deactivate notification for starters..
[15:48:59] suman ravuri: this kind of stops me to complete one complete cycle
[15:49:06] suman ravuri: in this process
[15:49:21 | Edited 15:49:52] Mario Calderón: Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Can I ask if there are any of the functional improvements that are now ok for WT to start integrating?  maybe small things or things that do not affect existing functionality?

<<< I support this idea: WT integrates in its branch the functional accepted contributions. It is also a good excersise. If there are technical issues, they can be corrected and updated. WT can learn by doing it
[15:50:24] suman ravuri: Unless this branch issue is solved, we will not able to move forward
[15:50:38] suman ravuri: this is high priority we need to get this fixed
[15:50:50] Mario Calderón: @Suman: agree
[15:51:54] suman ravuri: who takes prime resposnibility to fix this, I think some can work with SF
[15:52:01] John Agudelo: my vote is for start to integrated features aproved by FT
[15:53:47] John Agudelo: we need be more faster to obtain RC versions
[15:54:32] John Agudelo: make somethin similiar like agile methodologys
[15:55:34] Victor Perez Juarez: @Suman, you can continue , in begin I got the same issue
[15:56:00] Victor Perez Juarez: but can see that is an error about the an extension that create a notice to technical team list
[15:57:12] Victor Perez Juarez: and now not are work, I not remember who help with this in past, but I think that now we can deactivate and try integrate SF with jira to get an similar approach
[15:57:51] Mario Calderón: there a suggestion by Steven, John and me
[15:58:02] Mario Calderón: any other comments?
[15:58:27] Victor Perez Juarez: about the agile methodologys, I think is complex with little team
[15:58:30] Victor Perez Juarez: jejejej
[15:59:31] Victor Perez Juarez: but I think that we can starting of integration when the TT was finish , then let me advance the technical team
[15:59:42] Colin Rooney: I think the scrum method would suit very well
[15:59:58] Colin Rooney: list of functionalities = Backlog
[16:00:22] Victor Perez Juarez: I can go notice to RM when an contribution was review from an Technical Approach
[16:00:23] John Agudelo: Is Scrum complex?
[16:00:28] Colin Rooney: the week between each meeting = Sprint
[16:00:29] Victor Perez Juarez: So RM can integarte
[16:00:40] Mark Ostermann: hi colin
[15:59] Colin Rooney: 

<<< I think the scrum method would suit very wellThat's what we are using at metas.
[16:00:41] Colin Rooney: these meetings the Sprint reviews
[16:01:06] Mark Ostermann: we are doing 2-weeks sprints (started with 4 weeks, but were too long)
[16:02:33] Victor Perez Juarez: @Colin sounds great, even to adapt it as part of ABP
[16:02:52] Victor Perez Juarez: @Colin Any idea how to start
[16:02:56] Mark Ostermann: problem with volunteers is, that tasks moved into sprint have to be committed before sprint starts
[16:03:00] Mark Ostermann: and estimated
[16:03:22] Mark Ostermann: and sprint is only successful if all tasks are completed
[16:04:13] Victor Perez Juarez: If I understand , we need some as http://www.atlassian.com/en/software/greenhopper/overview/scrum
[16:04:19] Colin Rooney: I think we are already working in a scrum way! Step 1 is create the backlog which = a list of tasks / functionality.
[16:04:58] Colin Rooney: @Mark - yes people must commit to a task to be accomplished during the next "Sprint" (1-2 weeks as agreed)
[16:05:05] Victor Perez Juarez: some know if Atlassian, give this tools free as Jira to project Open Source
[16:05:12] Colin Rooney: @John - to me it's a vcery simple idea
[16:05:13] Victor Perez Juarez: we would ask for free license
[16:05:24] John Agudelo: In every sprint we need solve max 6 features
[16:05:26] Mark Ostermann: @colin: agree
[16:06:10] John Agudelo: And release a prototype or RC version and go on
[16:06:31] Colin Rooney: there are lots of tools and pre-printed documents for scrum but I think we can use the core idea with nothing extra that what is done now.
[16:06:33] Mario Calderón: @all: before we continue discussing Scrum, Agile, etc:
do we agree that Suman integrates in his branch all the contributions functionally reviewed and accepted ?

This way, the Release Manager starts having experience. Menawhile the TT finishes its tasks.
[16:06:56] Colin Rooney: Our Backlog is the list of functionality
[16:07:07] Colin Rooney: normally the customer is ask to choose what to do next from that list
[16:07:14] Mario Calderón: as far , Steven, John, Victor , Mario do agree
[16:07:24] Colin Rooney: then the team commits to achieving that in the Sprint
[16:07:30] Colin Rooney: it's as simple as that
[16:07:31] Victor Perez Juarez: @MArio agree for me
[16:07:45] Mark Ostermann: [16:06] Mario Calderón: 

<<< do we agree that Suman integrates in his branch all the contributions functionally reviewed and accepted ?and what about technically?
[16:07:53] Colin Rooney: usually you have daily "stand-up" to be sure everyone is on target and not having problems
[16:08:25] Colin Rooney: deployment is part of the Sprint so at the end of the sprint the customer can test the functionality promised
[16:08:34] Colin Rooney: and that's the essence ofit
[16:08:53] Mario Calderón: @Mark: if there is a technical inconvenience, it can be corrected, and the changeset adopted
[16:08:59] John Agudelo: Daily stand up is only 15 minutes
[16:09:42] Mario Calderón: important is that the Release Manager gets experience. Also it is easier to review and test.
[16:09:51] Mark Ostermann: @mario: but what about if functionally is very nice and technically overwrites allready existing functionality?
[16:10:18] Victor Perez Juarez: @Colin here http://www.atlassian.com/software/greenhopper/pricing, we can get the service
[16:10:19] Victor Perez Juarez: Free for Open Source
Qualified open source projects can receive free subscriptions for Atlassian OnDemand offerings.
[16:10:19] Mark Ostermann: then it could happen, that we are not just talking about fixing but complete refactoring
[16:10:59] Colin Rooney: [16:06] Mario Calderón: 

<<< This way, the Release Manager starts having experience. Menawhile the TT finishes its tasks.sounds like a plan to me! :)
[16:11:02 | Edited 16:11:36] Mark Ostermann: why not let the TT just have a first look (review) before integrating?
[16:11:29] Victor Perez Juarez: @John , Colin , would ask to Attlassian if we can get this service for adempiere and so can starting with your propose the use scrum
[16:12:07] Mario Calderón: @Mark: I've seen eEvolution code, and this is for sure not the case. I suppose the same Adaxa's code .

If it were code from some unknown sources, I would share your scepticiism.
[16:12:49] Karsten Thiemann: I don't think we need another tool - the concept is simple and like colin said we can just do it without additional tools
[16:12:56] Mark Ostermann: @Mario: Perfect, then pls. just write that u have done the TT Review and everything is perfect. ;)
[16:12:58] Karsten Thiemann: at least for  the beginning
[16:13:46] Mario Calderón: @Mark: I don't feel like having the deep knowledge to do it
[16:13:51] Mark Ostermann: @Mario: I'm not sceptic, just want to stay in our track.
[16:14:36] Karsten Thiemann: @Mark - I agree, the tt needs to do a review before the integration
[16:15:03] Mario Calderón: now: when????
[16:15:19] Mario Calderón: who?
[16:15:58] John Agudelo: I think that RM can start to integrate features reviwed by FT
[16:16:08] Karsten Thiemann: who? whoever commits to the task. But at least 'somebody' should take a look at the code before integrating it
[16:16:39] Mark Ostermann: [16:15] John Agudelo: 

<<< I think that RM can start to integrate features reviwed by FTi don't think so
[16:16:56] Mark Ostermann: would suggest to wait TT for review too
[16:17:04] Mark Ostermann: then integrate
[16:17:28] Steven: so what things can the TT look at now .. to get things started?
[16:17:52] Mark Ostermann: @steven: all contribs that have FT review already
[16:18:03] Mark Ostermann: would be fastest
[16:18:16] Karsten Thiemann: and are available in public repositories..
[16:18:22] Mark Ostermann: yepp
[16:18:26] Steven: ok .. what can we see that falls in that category?
[16:18:35] Steven: copy print format?
[16:18:40] Steven: simple stuff
[16:18:59] Steven: GL reconciliation ... been in producion use for some time.
[16:19:11] Steven: things from others?
[16:19:35] Victor Perez Juarez: what happens if the TT, not working, or not going as fast as we require
[16:19:50] Steven: Mario.. have you reviewed thinsg that can now go to the TT?
[16:20:01] Karsten Thiemann: if we want to speed up things the RM could start integrating a feature as soon as the reviewer finished the review without waiting for a technical team decision
[16:20:18] Karsten Thiemann: @Victor: join the team
[16:21:09] Mario Calderón: @Steven: I reviewed a many contribs, which are most OK from a functional point of view
[16:21:21] Karsten Thiemann: but if the reviewer sees problems the RM needs to wait for the team decision
[16:22:13 | Edited 16:22:24] Steven: @Karsten "the reviewer" functional or technical?
[16:22:52] Victor Perez Juarez: @Karsten, my issue that the some contribution are from my company
[16:22:54] Karsten Thiemann: technical
[16:23:16] Victor Perez Juarez: then I only can give my comment the other contribution , in this case of Adaxa
[16:23:31] Karsten Thiemann: a feature can be functional ok but breaks all ADempiere best practices for example
[16:23:48] Tobias Schoeneberg: regarding this:
[15:43] Victor Perez Juarez: 

<<< Hi Mario/Victor,
                           I am getting following error, when I am trying to push a new branch. Can you help me to fix this issue


D:\AdempiereRM\adempiere-code>hg push --new-branch
pushing to ssh://adempiererm@hg.code.sf.net/p/adempiere/code
searching for changes
no changes found
remote: *** failed to import extension sethguser from /hgrepo/a/ad/adempiere/con
fig/sethguser.py: [Errno 2] No such file or directory


it is cause after SF migration, is because the user notice not worki think i was able to comment out the right lines in the hgrc :)
[16:23:50] Mark Ostermann: @Karsten: agree
[16:23:54] Tobias Schoeneberg: feel free to retry :D
[16:24:17] Victor Perez Juarez: because is unique code are available from your branch, but I can staring until Metas , Wallking Tree public the code
[16:24:29] Victor Perez Juarez: yes
[16:24:36] Victor Perez Juarez: @Tobio I am make now
[16:25:33] Mario Calderón: so, as I understand, Victor will take care of WT's, Metas' and Adaxa's code.

who will review eEvolution's code?
[16:26:36] Steven: presumably someone from the TT?
[16:27:42] Mark Ostermann: as far as i see, tobi has started with TT of sales management already
[16:28:16] Steven: sure, I got his notes
[16:29:03 | Edited 16:29:30] Steven: but it looks like the functional reviews will happen a lot quicker that the technical reviews and it will hold us up.
[16:29:25] Victor Perez Juarez: @Mario, I can star with Metas and WT when they have your code available
[16:29:50] Victor Perez Juarez: and now I then start with Adaxa's contribution
[16:30:15] Karsten Thiemann: Cashflow Management will be reviewed by Suman
[16:30:41] Victor Perez Juarez: @Steven, the unique issue with GL reconciliation , I think that is the ZK integration
[16:32:06] Steven: sure ... but i think it is available at least from idempiere
[16:32:26] Steven: and maybe from us .. i need to check
[16:33:08 | Edited 16:33:58] Steven: but i just saw it in the idempiere menu and i am sure they would be happy to share back. It is a single form
[16:34:16] Mario Calderón: @Mark, Tobi: where is Metas' code to review?
[16:34:46 | Edited 16:35:12] Mario Calderón: @all: the same of  Walking Tree's, Ramiro's and Mike's code
[16:34:59 | Edited 16:35:38] Victor Perez Juarez: @Suman , Walking Tree would create the features branch and set WT  code features for I can start with my Technical Revision?
[16:35:02] Karsten Thiemann: I could start to review http://www.adempiere.com/Forecast_Management
[16:36:21] Mario Calderón: @all: I have to leave soon
[16:37:05] Colin Rooney: @Karsten... I've had very little time (dentist- failed ssd & lots of work because I'm free for most of July!) but I started  to look at the forecast! I will send you the few notes I took!
[16:37:51] Steven: I have to leave soon also..
[16:38:28] Steven: any other non-technical items?
[16:38:31] Karsten Thiemann: @Colin - great
[16:38:58] Colin Rooney: Good night Steven
[16:39:04] Victor Perez Juarez: @Colin , Karsten if you need something you are welcome
[16:39:19] Steven: bye all..
[16:39:23] Mark Ostermann: bye steven
[16:42:11] Karsten Thiemann: so the plan is to review as many features as possible until the tt meeting on friday - right?
[16:42:27] Colin Rooney: @Victor - I would like to test because I might be able to use in my cirrent job but I just haven't ,uch time to commit before the end of june :(
[16:42:39] Colin Rooney: but if I do get some time I iwll look you up online - thanks
[16:43:32] Victor Perez Juarez: @Karsten, yes , we need have information to TT
[16:43:50] Victor Perez Juarez: and go release revision , so this can be integrate
[16:44:25] Mario Calderón: @Karten: yes
[16:45:20] Mario Calderón: 6.- Next meeting
[16:45:34] Mario Calderón: monday, juli 1st, 12:00 GMT?
[16:45:43] Karsten Thiemann: agree
[16:46:42] Victor Perez Juarez: agree
[16:46:57] Karsten Thiemann: I'll write the minutes of the meeting tomorrow morning
[16:47:06] Mario Calderón: @all: thanks for your time and valuable ideas. Think we're moving.
[16:47:43] John Agudelo: Ok, bye guys
[16:47:57] Mark Ostermann: thanks all
[16:48:23] Michael Judd: bye
[16:48:29] Mark Ostermann: [16:47] Mario Calderón: 

<<< Think we're moving.agree, much faster the last 2 weeks. definitly things are moving
[16:48:30] Mario Calderón: bye all
[16:48:33] Mark Ostermann: bye