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  1. General
    • Moderator: Steven Sackett
    • Secretary: Mario Calderon
    • Participants: Trifon Trifonov, Boris Gelman, Mario Calderon, Victor Perez Juarez, Suman Ravuri, Teodor Sarca, Steven Sackett, Cristina Ghita, later Enrique Ruibal.
    • Date / Time: July 29nd 2013 / 12:00h - 13:57h GMT
    • The meeting closed after 2 hours
  2. Agenda
    • Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Actions taken by RM
    • Technical team reviews
    • Functional Team reviews
    • Actions to be taken
    • Misc
    • Next meeting
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Actions taken by RM
    • Migration ongoing
      • Sales Management Integration is done, testing is going on -
      • Payment allocation to charge is done, testing completed
      • Import workflow code done, testing is going on
      • Copy report merge is done, testing is going on
      • Import BOM merge is going on
    • Data is right now on WT's own database. By Wednesday, it will be the actual Adempiere seed.
    • It was decided to rollout adempiere 380-rc1 on asds2 as soon as possible, so everyone can test and check out. Suman will do it, and get help from TT.
    • It was not decided when it will occur for the first time.
    • Frequency of rollout: in the end, every 14 days; untill then it was not decided yet.
    • Trifon said about MySQL: "I plan to make dump for MySQL but it all depends on his work load".
  5. Technical team reviews
  6. Functional team reviews
    • Mario Calderón reviewed Libero HR/Payroll to be included in a similar way to Libero Manufacturing: http://www.adempiere.com/Libero_Human_Resource_%26_Payroll_Official_Extension#Result_of_Functional_Review
      • Steven commented on the review: "The module is more tool-kit than a ready-to-use module. This means, the implementors have to develop everything" and "The module enables to manage complex payroll scenarios/situations. Downside: the module offers all possibilities, but you have to do it by yourself. There is no solution for a specific country."
      • It was agreed that it would be vey difficult to get to know the module without a good example in seed. The participants agreed that a good Payroll example would boost acceptance and understanding.
      • Victor forwarded a link with a HR/Payroll manual http://team.e-evolution.com/share
      • Though an explicit vote didn't happen, it seemed to be implicitly accepted.
  7. Actions to be taken
    • implicit in the other items
  8. Misc
    • Enrique Ruibal asks if anybody experienced problem browsing mercural repos in SF
      • not a definitive answer given
      • It was agreed that MErcurial takes a long time to clone, and will not treated here, though it remains an important issue.
  9. Next meeting
    • Monday, August 5th, 12:00 GMT


Following is the meeting log - time is in GMT +9

Monday, 29 July 2013
[05:59:47] suman ravuri: Hi All
[05:59:50] suman ravuri: Good Morning
[06:00:49] Mario Calderón: hello good morning/afternoon/evening
[06:00:51] Cristina Ghita: Hello!
[06:01:00] Trifon Trifonov: hi everyone
[06:01:06] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Hi All
[06:04:50] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): from the last meeting.....Agenda

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Actions taken by RM

Technical team reviews

Functional Team reviews

Actions to be taken

Next meeting
[06:05:03] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): are we ready to start?
[06:05:13] Mario Calderón: yes
[06:05:38] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): who will be moderator for today?  volunteers?
[06:06:59] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): its gone very quiet!  I am happy to do it if you all approve.
[06:07:07] Mario Calderón: +1
[06:07:16] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): more happy for someone else!
[06:07:19] Mario Calderón: let me be the secertary again, so we continue
[06:07:45] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): @Mario, Steven thank you very much
[06:08:35] Boris Gelman - ctisistemas: Hi All
[06:08:37] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): John, Teo, Cristina .. all agree?
[06:09:30] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok .. proceed..
[06:09:42] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): minutes of previous meeting?
[06:10:01] Mario Calderón: http://www.adempiere.com/FT/TT_meeting_minutes_July_22nd_2013
[06:10:01] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): do we have a link to them please Mario
[06:10:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, I think you were going to provide minutes for previous meeting?
[06:11:03] suman ravuri: Hi Steve
[06:11:25] suman ravuri: I am yet to prepare this
[06:11:35] suman ravuri: will be on mail list today itself
[06:11:41] suman ravuri: mail box
[06:12:20] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks Suman.
[06:12:36] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Any comments about the Minutes please
[06:12:48] Mario Calderón: we didn't vote on Tobi'd idea: rollout adempiere 380-rc1 on asds2

we should add it to the agenda today
[06:13:18] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): perhaps we deal with that now.
[06:13:50] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman and Tobi.. did anything arise that would prevent this suggestion from working?
[06:15:53] Mario Calderón: if there is a branch, I think it can be rolled out
[06:16:10] Teodor Sarca: hi guys, sorry i am a bit busy and i am not able to attend, but i will be around and read
[06:16:10] suman ravuri: we have 390/rc1 branch
[06:16:11] Mario Calderón: the seed must be OK, of course
[06:16:15] suman ravuri: sorry 380/rc1
[06:16:40] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): last week, there was still an open java-7-rollout-issue. that been solved meanwhile?
[06:17:24] suman ravuri: it is solved in my environment
[06:17:40] suman ravuri: I am able to launch
[06:17:55] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): you mean from eclipse?
[06:18:01] suman ravuri: no
[06:18:11] suman ravuri: adempiere.walkingtree.in/admin
[06:18:25] suman ravuri: elcipse I did not giet any issue
[06:18:56] suman ravuri: in jenkins deployment we had similar issue, we are able to fix ti
[06:19:04] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): ok, so victor or you added java-7 to TestConfig?
[06:19:21] suman ravuri: we need to work together to get this working in adempiere environment
[06:19:34] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): the problem was not reated to jenkins, but shoulld arise every time someone runs RUN_silentsetup.sh
[06:19:41] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): (or .bat)
[06:19:52] Mario Calderón: this seems to be a technical issue?
[06:20:31] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): yes, as i see it it's a problem related to the java-7 contribution
[06:22:00] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): what are the steps required to resolve this?
[06:22:36] suman ravuri: I will ping tobi once call is over
[06:22:46] suman ravuri: I will be able to help him
[06:23:49] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @tobi.. once the technical problem i sresolved do you see any other issues?
[06:25:12] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): no :). btw in addition to asds2 (postgres) and adsd3 (oracle) there is a 3rd server asds4 that was intendet for mysql..will the next release contain mysql-dump too?
[06:26:03] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok .. can we leave this as Suman will contact Tobi to get the matter resolved.
[06:26:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman? Tobi?
[06:26:32] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): yes
[06:26:54] Mario Calderón: mySQL: this depends on us.

I don't know if somebody is supporting mySQL.

@Trifon: can you say sth. this regarding?
[06:27:19] Trifon Trifonov: I plan to make dump for MySQL but it all depends on my work load :(
[06:27:27] suman ravuri: I did not plan any thing so far
[06:27:50] Mario Calderón: then can Suman contact you for questions?
[06:29:31] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Thanks .. any other matters arising from the Minutes?
[06:29:57] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): None?
[06:30:20] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Next section ... Actions taken by RM
[06:30:35] Victor Perez Juarez: Hi , I can not is in meeting
[06:30:48] Victor Perez Juarez: because , I have a training
[06:31:11] suman ravuri: 

Sales Management Integration is done, testing is going on - 

Payment allocation to charge is done, testing completed

Import workflow code done, testing is going on

Copy report merge is done, testing is going on

IMport BOM merge is going on

Cashflow Management  - Not able to find corresponding feature
[06:31:52] Mario Calderón: including seeds?
[06:32:23] Mario Calderón: this is important
[06:32:41] suman ravuri: seed I would be able to by wednesday
[06:32:56] suman ravuri: once testing is conclusede for features
[06:33:00] Mario Calderón: so you just merged the code?
[06:33:23] suman ravuri: I merge code and update sqls in my database and do basic sanity testing
[06:33:42] suman ravuri: i can give my DB dump any time
[06:33:51] Mario Calderón: ah ok, understand.

these are the testings.
[06:33:55] suman ravuri: but seed generation has little more steps
[06:34:40] Mario Calderón: one question: why didn't you start in the first place with Adempiere's seed?
[06:35:06] Mario Calderón: (excuse my questions, just want to know)
[06:35:55] suman ravuri: My understanding is whether we generate seed in less fequrency in a given release
[06:36:29] suman ravuri: we will not be generating seed for each feature merge
[06:36:46] Mario Calderón: I'd like that here some of the technical guys say something
[06:37:00] Mario Calderón: so we do it efficently
[06:37:05] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): [14:35:27] Mario Calderón: one question: why didn't you start in the first place with Adempiere's seed?

<<< sorry, i wasn'T ware, but this might be a problem wrt asds2-rollout..
[06:37:17] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): but maybe suman can help with this, too
[06:37:55] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): i creating an up2date seed for each integrated contrib to much work?
[06:38:16] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): (i mean manual effort)
[06:38:45] suman ravuri: Let us define the process
[06:38:58] Mario Calderón: usually, integrating means including the code and bringing SQLs/2Packs/MXL into seed
[06:39:37] suman ravuri: [6:09:45 PM] Mario Calderón:  code and bringing SQLs/2Packs/MXL

<<< these are happening in my database
[06:40:13] Enrique Ruibal: Hi, present sorry not being here earlier
[06:40:32] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Hi Enrique
[06:40:45] Enrique Ruibal: Hi @Steven, @all
[06:40:46] suman ravuri: @Tobi, what would be the frquency we would like to have to seed checked in?
[06:41:41] suman ravuri: features are being merge in cascading manner
[06:42:02] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): it depends: how easy or hard is it to apply the scripts that have not yes been checked when rolling out to asds2
[06:42:10] suman ravuri: one feature depends on another, so go and get that
[06:43:03] Enrique Ruibal: One side comment, have you guys experienced problem browsing mercural repos in SF?
[06:43:26] Enrique Ruibal: it has not been visible for days
[06:44:45] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Suman, we want to be able to see and test .. how often do you think you should or could provide a version that users can visit and test?
[06:46:30] suman ravuri: basic versions will be availble with all the features mentioned by wednesday
[06:46:55] suman ravuri: some of them may have testing going on
[06:46:57] suman ravuri: by that time
[06:47:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): and do you want this to be on the adempiere provided servers?
[06:47:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): or the WT server?
[06:47:58] suman ravuri: I don't have preference here, but right now I am working to make it availble at WTC
[06:48:49] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok .. when would it be sensible to move to the adempiere server(s)
[06:49:20] suman ravuri: here is the plan I can think off
[06:49:33] suman ravuri: with more frequency we will have it wtc
[06:50:13] suman ravuri:  as and when seed is generated we will have it Adempier server
[06:50:30] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok .. others happy with that?
[06:50:45] suman ravuri: we will have frquency defined for seed genearation
[06:51:02] suman ravuri: say weekly or fortnightly
[06:51:33] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks,
[06:51:46] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): [14:51:17] Steven: ok .. others happy with that?

<<< yes, aggree
[06:52:06] Mario Calderón: +1
[06:52:24] Cristina Ghita: +1
[06:52:38] suman ravuri: Seed generation fequency?
[06:52:49] suman ravuri: any suggetions?
[06:54:16] Cristina Ghita: I would suggest after each major feature
[06:56:31] Cristina Ghita: or we could establish a frame time
[06:57:02] Mario Calderón: at the beggining every week, then as Cristina suggests?
[06:57:05] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I have a question just to aid my understanding ... it would be good if you could keep a list of the functionalities that are to be added which included the current status of each, completed, in testing, future etc ... just saves me going to many minutes to get an understanding ... you could probably also show there when you expected to issue a seed.  we could paste this into each Minutes.
[06:57:28] Mario Calderón: @Steven: this does Mercurial
[06:57:41] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok
[06:58:22] Mario Calderón: oops!

you mean in the future!

I read what happende in the past.
[06:58:42] Mario Calderón: this has to be documented somewhere
[06:59:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Suman, in the last meeting you were having problems with Sales Managemrent because ofissues with xml migration.  Are these problemds now solved?
[06:59:38] Enrique Ruibal: @steven: I think that is what jira is intended for
[07:00:09] suman ravuri: I was able to get sales management loaded
[07:00:23] Enrique Ruibal: @steven, @all we should be relating each new feature, testing and comments through jira
[07:00:31] suman ravuri: I got adaxa branch and DB in place, able to move forward with each error compare adaxa Database
[07:00:56] suman ravuri: Paul gave me this suggestion
[07:01:29] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Suman, does this mean the xml migration is also installed and working .. u did not mention it above.
[07:02:04] suman ravuri: xml migration is installed
[07:02:15] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks for info
[07:02:53] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): any other questions for Suman at this time?
[07:03:54] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): will you pls announce when the first system is ready for testing
[07:04:31] suman ravuri: by EOD july 31st we will have application running
[07:04:42] suman ravuri: IST
[07:04:46] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Can we move now to Technical team reviews?
[07:04:53] Mario Calderón: @Suman: great
[07:05:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Any Technical Team members have things to report
[07:05:21] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Thanks Suman..
[07:05:56] Cristina Ghita: I finished reviewing the Chart featurem but I did not hade time to docuemnte in wiki
[07:05:58] Mario Calderón: I reviewed Libero HR/Payroll  to be included in a similar way to Libero Manufacturing:


[07:06:59] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Cristina, Lets start with Chart .. any general impressions to share or should we wait for your written comments
[07:09:10] Cristina Ghita: general impression is that I like it and easy to configure
[07:09:31] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): good news..
[07:10:32] Cristina Ghita: I will wrote more detaliated in wiki, but it's very nice
[07:11:20] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Payroll?  ... comments from other Technical Team?
[07:12:11] suman ravuri: did anyone from TT review Cashflow Management?
[07:12:25] Enrique Ruibal: Mario's testing of payroll seems very intensive, I have tested on previous ocassion and I agree this module should be integrated
[07:12:34] Cristina Ghita: now, I did not look on it, but I worked a lot with payroll and it's very flexible and very easy to adapt to each country
[07:15:02] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well that is three positive views I think .. I guess we must also have the benefit of the knowledge of people who are using it in production.. does anyone know hpw many are using it?
[07:15:33] Enrique Ruibal: I know Victor has several customers using it
[07:15:52] Mario Calderón: I have 3 customers
[07:16:36] Victor Perez Juarez: about the cash flow , Susanne can give some references
[07:17:00] Victor Perez Juarez: She install and have with some customer , even She send me some patches
[07:17:40] suman ravuri: ok
[07:18:00] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): can we finish with payroll and then go to cashflow management
[07:18:07] suman ravuri: ok
[07:18:09] suman ravuri: agree
[07:18:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I read "The module is more tool-kit than a ready-to-use module. This means, the implementors have to develop everything.

The module enables to manage complex payroll scenarios/situations.

Downside: the module offers all possibilities, but you have to do it by yourself. There is no solution for a specific country."
[07:19:19] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Is this just an unavoidable problem for a system that has too work in many jurisdictions?
[07:19:33] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): and therefore unavoidable?
[07:19:37] Mario Calderón: @Steven: yes, like taxes
[07:20:27] suman ravuri: I have implemented in for one the customer
[07:20:45] suman ravuri: it is not ready for non technical people
[07:20:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I have looked at it a number of times and decided it was too difficult for a non-technical person to understand .. and I have been paying people for 35 years
[07:21:21] Mario Calderón: once you've done it for one country, you can do it for all companies of this country.

Id. suggest do do a repository for evey country, like the tax "localizations" from Colombia or Brasil
[07:21:24] suman ravuri: it still expects people to understand some sort of scripting
[07:21:50] Mario Calderón: @Steven: the scripting is the key
[07:22:02] Enrique Ruibal: I think an experienced payroll user will manage to make it work.
[07:22:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): maybe a template system for one or two existing jurisdictions would let people understand it more quickly?
[07:22:26] Enrique Ruibal: people using other payroll systems will be capable to customize it
[07:22:48] Mario Calderón: @Steven: good idea. We can see to bring one solution into seed.
[07:23:18] suman ravuri: in http://eaglerp.walkingtree.in/admin, we wrote all those scripts and made it ready to use
[07:23:33] suman ravuri: some one can look at it let us know if this can be used
[07:23:38] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Enrique ... tht was my point, I have been "using" payroll systems for 35 years and I cant understand it
[07:23:40] suman ravuri: this is based on payrol module
[07:23:48] Mario Calderón: @Suman: great! this can be broufht into seed, then
[07:23:49] Cristina Ghita: Yes, as example

ANd with a good tranining, I think, in the end, also a non-techincla person would be able to write rules
[07:24:09] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): if by "using" you mean implementing and developing .. weel thats different.
[07:24:21] Cristina Ghita: @Steven: because it allowes you to configure everything
[07:24:42] suman ravuri: implementing existing payroll module
[07:25:11] Cristina Ghita: so, I guess we need in the seed an implementation for a country.. or some basic rules already written
[07:25:32] suman ravuri: @Mario, I would like some one form FT to review and let us know if it is meeting all required standards
[07:26:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Cristina .. I understood the flexibility which is essential for ADempiere .. I just could not make it work without a technical person doing most of the work ... but with a working system even if it was working to different rules I think I could come to understand its way of working
[07:26:18] Enrique Ruibal: @Steven perhaps I am thinking of payroll systems in Mexico, they relate to what Victor developed
[07:26:26] Cristina Ghita: Yes, agree!
[07:26:47] Cristina Ghita: We need  an example in the seed
[07:27:33] Mario Calderón: so what about including HR/Payroll the same way as Libero Manufacturing?
[07:27:42] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): do I need to learn Spanish ;-)
[07:28:02] Victor Perez Juarez: I have manual in english
[07:28:11] Victor Perez Juarez: http://team.e-evolution.com/share
[07:28:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks..
[07:28:17] Victor Perez Juarez: please use adempiere
[07:28:18] Victor Perez Juarez: adempiere
[07:28:22] Victor Perez Juarez: here the manual
[07:29:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): it would be really great to have a payroll solution.. I will try harder.
[07:29:46] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Victor, it wants a user and pw
[07:30:23] Mario Calderón: can we move on faster? Ihave to leave in 20 mins.
[07:30:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok .. move on .. Functional Reporets?
[07:31:10] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): we have Mario's payroll report with link above
[07:31:24] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): any other functional comments?
[07:32:14] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): one small one from me .. we are still working on costing and will have more info fpor next meeting
[07:32:54] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I guess we will have more functional comments as soon as we can start testing.
[07:33:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Sounds like no other Functional Reports?
[07:34:01] Mario Calderón: Victor has to modify his code so it can be included in a separate folder
[07:34:48] Enrique Ruibal: From Previous metting where Libero Manufacturing was discussed just want to add I have 2 companies using extensively for years
[07:35:05] Enrique Ruibal: the manufacturing module is complex but works
[07:35:15] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Enrique .. thanks for extra info
[07:36:16] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Any other business before we stop?
[07:36:37] Enrique Ruibal: justo to point the issues with SF are we experiencing the same?
[07:36:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I have one other question for functional people...
[07:38:08] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I find it strange that we have a column for a_asset in fact_acct but it never gets populated .. and there are no default accounts at the accounts schema level for dealing with fixed assets .. does this seem strange to others?
[07:39:24] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): also when Jorg used to give examples of how to use account elements like userelement_1 he chose assets as an example .. but there was an asset_id already separateky available.
[07:40:06] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): perhaps a discussion for another time and place .. but if anyone has views maybe they could let me know by email.
[07:40:48] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok anyone want to raise any other matters?
[07:40:59] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): 10, 9, ....
[07:41:05] Enrique Ruibal: [06:37:22 a.m.] Enrique Ruibal: justo to point the issues with SF are we experiencing the same?

[07:41:12] Mario Calderón: none
[07:41:43] Schöneberg, Tobias (metas.de): some time ago i had problems cloning the entiere repo
[07:41:54] Mario Calderón: @Enrique: Suman should know. He works with it everyday
[07:42:08] Enrique Ruibal: I mean just browsing the code from the navigator
[07:42:36] Enrique Ruibal: http://sourceforge.net/p/adempiere/_list/hg?source=navbar
[07:42:39] Mario Calderón: Victor the same, and the Brazilians. The Brazilians are the most active on the repository. The caoomit everyday
[07:42:57] Enrique Ruibal: I mean just browing it not commiting to it
[07:43:04] Mario Calderón: ah ok
[07:43:42] suman ravuri: SF has issues
[07:43:47] Enrique Ruibal: also the feeds from discussion forums don't work.. it is very difficult to participate in community
[07:43:54] suman ravuri: 380/rc1 is still not appearing
[07:44:56] Cristina Ghita: yes, try to do a clone from SF.. will take forever
[07:45:05] Enrique Ruibal: agree as well
[07:45:15] Enrique Ruibal: @cristina cloning a repo takes years
[07:45:33] Cristina Ghita: :)
[07:45:57] Cristina Ghita: but since it's not up to us, what solutions we have for this?
[07:46:42] Enrique Ruibal: after the release we should discuss other options...
[07:47:26] Enrique Ruibal: to be honest is so much easier to participate in google groups than in source forge discussion forums
[07:48:20] Cristina Ghita: because when a new user comes, I don't know how will clone the adempiere repo.. if he has the patience to clone it..
[07:49:59] Enrique Ruibal: see for instance the difference in openerp
[07:50:01] Enrique Ruibal: http://help.openerp.com/questions/
[07:50:31] Cristina Ghita: maybe we could solve this with a mirror server , or somehting like that.. and you want to clone, to clone it form there
[07:51:16] suman ravuri: with ordinary inernet connection clone will take 4 to 5 hours
[07:51:32] suman ravuri: in any problem in middle need to try from first
[07:52:01] Mario Calderón: it is almost 1GB
[07:52:37] Enrique Ruibal: even with that size if you clone something on say bitbucket is is so much faster
[07:54:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I have to leave the meeting .. good night/day to all..
[07:54:29] Cristina Ghita: bye
[07:54:46] Cristina Ghita: I would suggest to stop it for now, but to put this issue with high priority and to see what altenatives, ideas, and so on... and after release to decide
[07:55:02] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mario .. will you pls wrap up and set next meeting?
[07:55:03] Enrique Ruibal: great.. see you soon
[07:55:21] Enrique Ruibal: ;)
[07:55:27] Mario Calderón: ok
[07:55:44] Mario Calderón: next meeting: same time, next week?
[07:55:55] Cristina Ghita: fine with me
[07:56:01] Enrique Ruibal: sure
[07:56:10] Mario Calderón: bye to all
[07:57:15] Cristina Ghita: bye! have a nice day/evening! :)