FT/TT meeting minutes Jan 6th 2011

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.
  1. General:
    • Missing: Ramiro, Paul, Kai, Trifon (had to leave right at the beginning)
    • Last meeting's (dec 23rd) moderator didn't publish the minutes
  2. Concept template
    • The development procedure will start with Concept Template Suggestion as template for documentation/concept that contributions applying for inclusion shall use
    • The template can (and will probably) be subject to constant review and improvement
  3. Starting the Software Development Procedure
    • The "Software Development Procedure" will be effective as soon as the switch from Subversion (svn) to Mercurial (hg) takes place
    • We assume that the first period has started with January 1st.
  4. Switching to Mercurial
  5. Annoucement
    • We will announce the start of "Software Development Procedure", together with the switch from svn to hg
    • Mario will create a draft of the announcement
    • Tobias will add technical details and publish the anouncement on behalf on the PMC teams
  6. Next meeting
    • We will meet next on Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at the same time (15:00 hours GMT)
    • Mark will moderate the meeting