FT/TT meeting minutes Feb 17th 2011

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  1. General:
    • Moderator: Mario
    • Participants: Karsten, Mario, Ramiro, Teo, Tobias, Victor.
  2. Mercurial directories
    • It was announced in a forum post that there is a new naming convention.
    • Some repositories have changed their names.
    • An announcement will be made to change all namings accordingly; otherwise it will be renamed by the CC.
  3. Test framework
    • Victor started with the Selenium implementation and created some tests. The idea is to deploy it on a Jenkins or Huson server.
    • See also wariola's post and Red1's activities.
    • A server is needed for testing.
    • Adempiere eV will be asked whether is has room in its recently purchased server.
    • Victor and Mario will redact the request.
  4. Integration of Bug Fixes and review of new functionality
    • File patches.bundle sent by Victor for testing.
    • It was confirmed that the patch could be applied, but none has done any testing.
    • A document like this is needed.
    • Suggested detailed workflow:
      • 1.- Push new change set in a Mercurial queue
      • 2.- A Team Dev Member reviews and approves
      • 3.- New build with patch
      • 4.- Adempiere Test Suite is executed
      • 5.- New patch is reviewed by a member the Funcional Team and can be approved
      • 6.- If change set is approved: merge the queue with main line , if not cancel
    • Sysnova will be asked if it can sponsor a server for it.
  5. Migration Tool
    • It was considered to be a useful tool for migration to Adempiere.
    • No tests conducted yet.
    • Code was reviewed about 4 weeks ago. It will be very hard to improve/change something.
    • It was proposed to ask Stefan if he agrees to become the official mantainer of the tool.
    • If he acccepts, the tool will be publicly announced as an official Adempiere migration tool.
    • Karsten will look at the code.
  6. Misc
    • Enrique Rubail joining the functional team
      • Enrique presented himself and showed interest in joining the FT.
      • He worked initially with Compiere, now with Adempiere and has realized Adempiere installations.
      • Enrique read the FT chart and agreed with the rights and duties.
      • A unanimous vote resulted in Enrique becoming a member of the Functional Team
    • Karsten will try to upload a reviewed/enhanced feature made by Teo tomorrow. It's an AD enhancement to set the background color of any component with standard the background color of any component with standard Adempiere logic or SQL query.
    • Next meeting
      • Date&Time: Thursday, February 24th, same time.
      • Moderator: Mark Ostermann