FT/TT meeting minutes December 10th 2013

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Steven Sackett
    • Secretary: Mario Calderon
    • Participants: Steven Sackett, Victor Perez, Mario Calderon, Suman Ravuri, Mike McKay
    • Date / Time: Tuesday, Dezember 10th 2013 / 12:00h - 13:31h GMT
    • The meeting closed after 1 hour 31 mins
  2. Agenda
    • Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Actions taken by RM
    • Actions to be taken
    • Misc
    • Next meeting
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Actions taken by RM
    • ML merge completed - merged and deployed
    • Warehouse management - Deployed
    • class missing issue reported by steve - Completed and deployed
  5. Actions to be taken
    • Only issue remaining is Cost Engine
      • It was agreed that due to the big impact the cost engine has on the behavior of the whole system, it can only be integrated if the community tests it thoroughly afterwards and accepts it. If during the tests conceptual or major errors are found, the cost engine changes would be reverted.
      • Victor will finish to commit all Cost Engine changes
      • Susanne will post and coordinate with Victor/Steven in order her changes are integrated on top of Victor's changes.
      • Tested and developed are: average invoice, standard costing and last invoice.
  6. Misc
    • Question: There was a window called "Parts and BOM" in ML, is it needed now? Answer: no, as ML uses libero BOM.
    • Question: can costing be tested automatically?
      • Answer 1: one way would be to set the costing method, complete all documents, let accounting execution, do the necessary checks. Then undo the accounting, change the costing method, run the accounting and do the checks.
      • Answer 2: another way would be to have different images with different costing methods.
    • Instances: there must be instances for at least Postgres and Oracle. We must get them for testing.
    • Mike will do some research about testing cost engine.
  7. Next meeting
    • Tuesday, December 17th 2013 / 12:00h. GMT


Following is the meeting log - time is in GMT -6

Monday, 9 December 2013
[16:40:56] Mario Calderón: now I'm in Germany; here the minutes: http://www.adempiere.com/FT/TT_meeting_minutes_December_03rd_2013
Tuesday, 10 December 2013
[06:01:08] Mario Calderón: hello everybody!
[06:01:49] Michael McKay: Good morning.
[06:03:51] suman ravuri: Hi All
[06:08:29] Michael McKay: I'll be in and out - please carry on without me.
[06:08:39] Mario Calderón: ok Mike
[06:08:52] Mario Calderón: let's wait a couple of minutes
[06:09:01] suman ravuri: ok
[06:17:33] Mario Calderón: think neither Victor nor Steven are present
[06:19:54] suman ravuri: Let us wait few more minutes
[06:24:16] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Hi All
[06:24:33] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): sorry for being late
[06:24:49] suman ravuri: Hi Steve
[06:24:54] suman ravuri: I think we can get started
[06:25:23] Mario Calderón: +1 fromme
[06:26:27] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): do we need to go over the minutes?
[06:26:34] Mario Calderón: no
[06:26:59] Mario Calderón: Victor told u what he did last days
[06:27:25] Mario Calderón: he seems to have committed al his changes in Cost Engine
[06:27:26] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, is there anything you are waiting for still from anyone?
[06:28:29] suman ravuri: Victor com comited his changes, then I will apply the changes the shared by steve on top it
[06:29:01] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I started testing ML and can see a few issues..
[06:29:15] suman ravuri: yes Susanne
[06:29:39] suman ravuri: I wil apply susanne changes in next two days
[06:29:55] suman ravuri: Here is my update from last week
[06:29:56] suman ravuri: 1. ML merge completed - mergerd and deployed

2. Warehouse management - Deployed

3. class missing issue reported by steve - Completed and deployed
[06:30:39] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): just not complete stuff.
[06:31:09] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I will try to get list by Friday
[06:32:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Can I ask a question about the Libero integration .. we had a window called "Parts and BOM" in ML because Libero BOM were situated in Product window... is it still needed if we are using Libero BOMs
[06:33:40] Mario Calderón: BOM is a table you "can" attach to product. It is not a must
[06:33:58] Mario Calderón: it can exist on its own
[06:34:50] Mario Calderón: can we come back to RC?

the big question is whther the cost engine should be included or not in RC.
[06:35:19] suman ravuri: We don't need that window now, as ML uses libero BOM
[06:35:29] suman ravuri: that is the integration we did
[06:35:38] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thats what I thought
[06:35:53] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): we can deal with it offline .. back to CE
[06:36:26] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Mario, why would we not add it to 380?
[06:36:53] Mario Calderón: my opinion is that is is not tested thoroughly
[06:37:04] Mario Calderón: review is OK
[06:37:09] Mario Calderón: the concept isOK
[06:37:20] Mario Calderón: only it has to be tested completetly
[06:37:30] Mario Calderón: under all conditions
[06:37:51] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I agree it needs LOTs of testing .. is that not what the month of testing is for?
[06:37:53] Mario Calderón: we must ensure it
[06:38:15] Mario Calderón: well, yes
[06:38:41] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Can we request that it be tested by as many people as quickly as possible and be in a position to roll back if a big problem is found?
[06:38:51] Mario Calderón: if we manage to test all cases, concitions, for every costing type
[06:39:19] Mario Calderón: yes, we can. The whole community must cooperate.
[06:39:50] Mario Calderón: otherwise, if we 4 are the only ones who test... I don't see a chance
[06:39:53] suman ravuri: My suggestion would be to have it and put required effort to get the quality testing
[06:40:53] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): the problem I see is that you cant have multiple people all testing different costing methods in one system at same time .. how do we get around that?
[06:41:18] suman ravuri: we have three machines
[06:41:20] Mario Calderón: you actually can Steven
[06:41:35] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): when I was testing on the current test system it was really slow .. made it painful to do much.
[06:41:37] Mario Calderón: the costing engine calculates all at the same time
[06:41:40] suman ravuri: 1. Walkingtree 2. Adev Postgre 3. Adev oracle
[06:41:44] suman ravuri: and walkingtree oracle
[06:41:46] suman ravuri: infact 4
[06:42:11] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): have we got access to the Adev machines?
[06:42:49] Mario Calderón: the costing engine calculates all costing methods ; the difference is that only one is the "official"
[06:43:21] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): yes .. but I would want to see the accounting tested under each method and can only have one accounting method
[06:43:53] Michael McKay: On the cost engine - is the testing something we can automate?  If the conditions, inputs and outputs can be defined, I can set up Sahi to test completely.
[06:44:48] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I dont know .. can you script POs, material receipts, vendor invoices, oncost invoices, customer shipments?
[06:45:09] Michael McKay: Yes to all.  It can do anything a user can do.
[06:45:30] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): and then reversals :-(
[06:45:40] suman ravuri: How much time do we think setup can take
[06:45:41] suman ravuri: ?
[06:46:13] Mario Calderón: it can happen the follogin way:
[06:46:21] Michael McKay: Yes.  Basically I'd create a new client with the special or specific customization and then test the costing within that client.  I can do it over the holidays.
[06:46:56] Mario Calderón: 1.- delete all costing entries in the DB

2.- change the official costing method

3.- run the accounting processor

4.- do the tests
[06:47:17] Mario Calderón: this can be done to check every different costing method
[06:47:44] Michael McKay: That would work too.
[06:48:08] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I found when I was testing that I had to change a number of the system accounts depending on which accounting method was in use
[06:48:24] Mario Calderón: that is one of Susanne's changes!!
[06:48:34] Mario Calderón: you don't need it anymore
[06:48:40] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): eg ... std cost ... diff goes to expense account ... ave invoice .. it goes to invoice
[06:48:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok..
[06:49:00] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): lets work out a script
[06:49:08] Mario Calderón: as I said: I would agree just under the circumstances I described-
[06:49:28] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): how many methods are there to test?
[06:50:04] Mario Calderón: in the CE are implemented Standard, average and last Order
[06:50:30] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): std, ave inv, ave PO, then FIFO/LIFO  then costig at client, Org and batch level... more?
[06:51:07] Michael McKay: Are there any scenarios that are process dependent? Where just deleting the costing and recreating it wouldn't test that process?
[06:51:10] Mario Calderón: there are only these 3 implemented in the costing engine
[06:51:23] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): there is also the method where you nominate the cost in the PO and it uses it like a std cost for all items associated with that order
[06:51:40] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): it worked before and may be unchanged
[06:52:11] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): deleting an reprocessing should test all
[06:52:19] Mario Calderón: @Mike: don't know... (thinking)
[06:52:41] Mario Calderón: but this is the way we tested
[06:53:16] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mario, you meand by deleting accounting and cost detail and then replaying the transactions?
[06:53:16] Mario Calderón: so, first the decision: CE yes or no?
[06:53:28] Mario Calderón: @Steven: yes
[06:53:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I vote yes .. but with a big warning to get people to test as well as the automated testing
[06:54:17] Mario Calderón: in this case, I would vote +1
[06:54:25] suman ravuri: +1
[06:54:34] suman ravuri: let us find a ways to test
[06:54:51] Mario Calderón: @Suman: first, to get the CE implemented
[06:55:02] Michael McKay: I'd still like full scenarios for the testing from the product creation to end of life write-off.
[06:55:07] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): but we shuld be very clear with people that it has to be tested .. no point in people complaining later
[06:55:15] Mario Calderón: we have only Victor's part. Now Susanne's is missing.
[06:55:38] suman ravuri: I will have that integration in place
[06:55:44] suman ravuri: in max two days time
[06:55:49] Mario Calderón: @Mike: we can call for the community to develop these scenarios
[06:56:34] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): do we test with just GW data .. I think you used a much bigger set Mario?
[06:57:30] Mario Calderón: well, yes. We took customer's data and tested on them
[06:58:20] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I guess if it is right for one product it is right for all
[06:59:19] Mario Calderón: right
[06:59:35] Mario Calderón: Mike's comments on scenarios is correct.
[06:59:58] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): the issues that I would wonder about is when the current receipt is a small increase in the SOH and the case when its a big increase ... and then when the documents get out of order ... and then you find half the stock is sold before you process the oncost invoice ... so maybe multiple products to do each test?
[07:00:53] Mario Calderón: this case is managed as SAP does
[07:02:13] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mike ... what do we need to provide to create an automated test script .. never used such a thing...
[07:03:19] Mario Calderón: 1.- we can do a lifecycle set of actions

2.- complete them

3.- do the accounting
[07:03:25] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I realise we can test differently as Mario said
[07:04:36] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Mario, how do you "uncomplete" an invoice yu already completed/posted?
[07:05:58] Mario Calderón: just by deleting the entries + stating is as not posted
[07:07:03] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): so will that delete all the cost allocations on a landed cost invoice for example?
[07:07:10] Mario Calderón: yes...
[07:07:28] Mario Calderón: all cost details also
[07:07:39] Mario Calderón: just a sql script
[07:07:44] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok
[07:09:30] suman ravuri: then testing can not be done by remote user?
[07:09:46] Mario Calderón: so, if it is decided to integrate the CE, then 

1.- Susanne and Steven/Suman should work together to integrate her changes into Victor's branch

2.- Scenarios have to be elaborated to get the tests done in an automated way
[07:10:50] Mario Calderón: @Suman: once it is set, the test can be done, but resetting, it is only possible manipulating the DB
[07:10:55] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): you can use 'delete entities' to dlete cost details etc .. just log in as system admin role
[07:11:07] suman ravuri: yes
[07:11:09] suman ravuri: I see
[07:11:21] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): but cant reset isprocessed flags etc
[07:11:28] Mario Calderón: ah!! yes, your newest contrib!!
[07:12:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): not "my contrib" exactly .. think others did all the work!
[07:12:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): so how can we allow the docs to be updated so testing can be redone?
[07:13:19] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): a process that can be run from the menu?
[07:13:34] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): save a lot of time
[07:13:54] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): and would be very re-usable
[07:14:46] suman ravuri: technically we can do
[07:14:46] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): technically possible?
[07:14:56] suman ravuri: give me a day
[07:15:01] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok
[07:15:28] suman ravuri: I will come up with a plan
[07:15:35] Mario Calderón: ok
[07:15:53] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok ... Mario, happy withthis plan for CE?
[07:16:25] Mario Calderón: now yes
[07:16:37] Mario Calderón: hope we have lots of testers
[07:17:06] Mario Calderón: the new CE is much more manageable than the old
[07:17:15] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): good to hear ...
[07:17:47] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): next topic... who do we speak to to get access to the ADev machines or is that now done?
[07:18:20] Mario Calderón: actually, Tobi is the one who is in charge
[07:18:52] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): well since you are secretary can I ask you to write to him ;-)
[07:19:08] Mario Calderón: what exactly should I ask?
[07:20:08] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): not sure .. I recall some time ago Tobi said something about giving Victor root access ... presuambly to install 380?
[07:21:06] Mario Calderón: don't know. We can ask Victor...

it is abouC, isn't it?
[07:21:23] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ??
[07:21:38] Mario Calderón: I ean asking TObi
[07:21:58] Mario Calderón: ow, the build is done on version 3.7.1
[07:22:28] Mario Calderón: I think , for testing we will want to be built from Release Candidate...
[07:23:49] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Suman, what would you need to set up a test instance on the ADev facilities assuming it makes sense to do so?
[07:25:17] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): I guess thats technical and we can hear more later.
[07:25:26] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): Any other issues that need to be raised?
[07:26:02] suman ravuri: Steve, there was a jenkins job
[07:26:11] suman ravuri: i will try running it once
[07:26:37] suman ravuri: If I run into any issues, I will send request to tobi keeping you in loop
[07:26:50] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): thanks
[07:27:43] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): @Suman, I will send you more on ML testing tomorrow .. just small things I think
[07:28:59] suman ravuri: ok
[07:29:24] suman ravuri: Loooking farward for feedback
[07:29:27] Mario Calderón: do we have any items to discuss?
[07:29:37] suman ravuri: none from my end
[07:29:51] suman ravuri: I got few action items, so I will get started
[07:30:01] Steven Sackett (Adaxa): ok bye from me also then
[07:30:54] Mario Calderón: bye and have a nice day/night
[07:31:52] suman ravuri: bye