FT/TT meeting minutes Aug 10th 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Mario Calderon
  2. Decide over Daniel Tamm's changes
    • It concerns three features:
      • Delivery Policy
      • Invoice Rounding
      • Create From Shipment
    • As these functionalities were not tested completely, but the testers were not sure if the contributions themselves covered all cases, it was decided not to include them in the release.
    • Nevertheless, a branch will be created for every feature so every one of them can be tested and corrected completely even after the release.
    • This means, there will be three new branches Delivery Policy, Invoice Rounding and Create From Shipment for that.
    • After the branches have been tested, they can be merged with the next release.
  3. New seed for mySQL
    • The new conection to mySQL was not tested.
    • In spite of this. simple tests and code reviews revealed that the impact is minimal on code and no big collateral effect is to be expected.
    • It remains the problem of how to manage that updates consider not only Postgres or Oracle, but also mySQL.
    • Until now, only Trifon knows how to create a seed. Teo will contact Trifon in order to have a wiki page documenting it.
  4. Official statement about trunk and contributions
    • Taking Daniel Tamm's functions as an example, the community is encouraged to create branches for a easy integration to the Main Line of Development.
    • This way we avoid having private functions and come close to sharing code and experiences.
    • Victor Perez was invited to give during the Conference a speech on New Development Cycle/ Procedure (Main Line of Development, how to create branches, et.) so a hands-on example helps on managing source code.
  5. Final steps towards release
    • The test is officially finished.
    • The following steps remain to be done:
      • Release
      • Merge release branch into the development
      • Create new tag
      • Create new feature branches (for Daniel Tamm's functionalities)
      • Document changes log.
    • Planned date of release: Monday, August 15th, 2011
    • Caveat: a seed for mySQL is provided on time