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Evaluating ADempiere for use in an enterprise will be a major task for any new user. There are a number of levels of evaluation that should be considered:

  • Hardware system requirements;
  • Supporting software requirements;
  • Personnel requirements - how many IT staff will be required to support the software;
  • Information Technology compatibility with existing systems;
  • Level of complexity and implications for training and support;
  • Fitness for the intended purpose:
    • Included functionality;
    • Extendability - can new required functionality be added;
    • How much "new" functionality must be developed;
  • Business process mapping - can current business processes be "mapped" to the application processes or will the business have to adopt new processes to suit the software;
  • Are support and consulting services available;
  • Maturity of the software;
  • Availability of documentation - both technical and end-user;
  • Availability of the source code;
  • Cost and fees - ADempiere is free but licensing costs may be only a small portion of the overall cost of an ERP implementation;
  • Risks of adoption;
  • Change management implications;
  • Implementation process and support for legacy systems and data;
  • Time to implement;

Due to the complexity of the application, you should consider finding a business or management consultant versed in ADempiere to assist with this task.

If you are going to proceed alone, you can follow the steps below:

  • To get started and explore the application, try the Sandbox at Idalica(Login/pass = GardenAdmin/GardenAdmin). This will give you insight into the application and a place to try out functionality.
  • Next, install a local copy. If you have Windows, there is an excellent installer. You can also try a ADempiere Virtual Appliance based on VMware player or download and install download latest releases and resources.
  • Learn about the application dictionary and all the ways you can modify and configure the application without needing any software.
    • Try to develop a few scripts as callouts and processes.
    • Set up a custom report using Jasper Reports.
    • Explore the workflow and request systems.
  • After you are comfortable with the application on a local machine, set up a development environment using Eclipse, get the latest release from the source repositories and explore the source code.

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