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1. European ADempiere Developers Conference

Conference in session

Important Stuff

Don't forget a power adapter for your notebook. A connector strip will be sufficient - we will have a little power adapter construction workshop :)

Why a conference?

After four successful months of hard work it's time to give everybody the chance to meet each other in person. This is the primary goal of the ADempiere conference being planned.

What it's all about?

  • workshops
  • technical discussions
  • meet each other
  • future Adempiere development

Topic suggestions for workshops and discussions are desired. Please note them on this site.

Topic suggestions

Please add your suggestions here:

Spreading the word

Proposing roundtable discussions led by participants, to touch on respective challenges, issues and resolutions:-

  • Proposing discussion led by Michael Judd (UK) on the Accounting aspects of ADempiere
    • Organisations v Profit Centre
    • Organisational Reporting
    • Definition of Standard Reporting
    • Consolidation & Business Combination
  • Proposing discussion led by Victor Perez (Mexico) on the Libero Modules
  • Proposing discussion led by Timo Kontro (Finland) on The ADempiere Next Generation
  • Proposing discussion led by Posterita (Mauritius) on its POS and Webstore architecture
  • Proposing discussion led by Trifon Trifonov (Bulgaria) on implemenation of Adempiere in financial company and/or tricks and best practice in the source codes
  • Proposing discussion led by Posterita (Mauritius) on Ajax Client
  • Red1 shall talk about "Contributors Are Priceless", the why, what and how to contribute. If there is extra time he shall sing a John Lennon song.
  • Proposing discussion led by Elvis Haracic (Establish, BIH) on HR modul. Is our model OK? And how to include it in Adempiere core.
  • Developer documentation workshop led by Karsten Thiemann (Germany) to create missing documentation. We will discuss and create wiki pages like New Window here.
  • Best Practices workshop led by Karsten Thiemann (Germany). We will discuss best practices for customizations and document the results in the wiki.
  • Proposing discussion led by Kai Schaeffer (Germany) on german localization
  • Proposing discussion led by Joel Stangeland (US) "Preparing for Global Expansion: challenges and opportunities" about how to encourage qualified contributors and stay ahead of the demand curve
  • Proposing discussion by Donald Ladwig on Professional Effort such as Training Course and Business Alliance & Projects Collaboration among the bazaar.

General conditions

The conference is open to all interested parties. The participants are required to pay the costs of travel and accommodation. Infrastructure is sponsored by Schaeffer AG (

Online Participation

We provide a video/audio stream from the conference and a vnc access to the presentation computer desktop in addition to the normal irc chat in #adempiere. To join the conference you need to install the vlc player for video/audio (or similar software) a vnc client and a irc programm if you want to give some feedback.

  • Download and install vlc player
  • Download and install tight vnc (or any vnc client you like)
  • Install Chatzilla if you are using Firefox (or any irc program you like)

Join the conference

Open the video/audio stream with the vlc player for video/audio stream

  • Press ok

vnc (desktop view)

  • Start the tight vnc viewer (Listen Mode)
  • Open a new connection
  • VNC Server is (this might change - we will post the ip in irc and forum)
  • Password is Berlin2007 (this might change - we will post the ip in irc and forum)
  • Recommended connection options are tight encoding, custom compression level: 9 and JPEG compression: 3

irc (Chatzilla)

  • Open the Chatzilla plugin (Tools -> Chatzilla)
  • Change your nickname (Button in the lower left corner)
  • Connect the irc server by entering the following line into the command line (bottom of the window):
  • Press Enter :)
  • joining the adempiere channel by entering the following line into the command line:
/join #adempiere


European ADempiere Conference Day1


European ADempiere Conference Day2


European ADempiere Conference Day3


FHTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences

Treskowallee 8

10318 Berlin (Lichtenberg)

Administrative Building (# 5)

Rooms 501 und 531

site plan (german)

city map

Getting There

Travel directions and area map

1. Overview map of the area around the conference (FHTW) and Hotel am Tiergarten (red circle)

2. To the Hotel am Tierpark

Arrival by Train/ Car map (german)

Arrival by air

Schonefeld airport: Take the S9 S-Bahn train (direction Westkreuz) to Schoneweide station. Change there to tram 27 (direction Landsberger Allee) or tram 28 (direction Falkenberg) and get off at Criegernweg. From here it is 4 minutes on foot: From the tram stop in Franz-Mett-Straße; walk 100m to Erich-Kurz-Straße, 250 m along this street is the hotel.

Tegel airport: Take one of the airport buses 109; X9 or TXL (additional charge) to Zoologischer Garten bus station. From there take the S5; S75; S3 or S9 S-Bahn train to Alexanderplatz station. Change here to the Underground, take train U5 (direction Honow) and get off at Tierpark station. From here it is 5 minutes on foot: Leave the Underground station through the left-hand exit in the opposite direction from the train: Follow the signs to Erich-Kurz-Straße. After approx. 150 m turn into Franz-Mett-Straße; walk 100m to Erich-Kurz-Straße, 250 m along this street is the hotel.

3. From the Hotel am Tierpark to the conference:

Leaving the hotel, turn right into "Erich-Kurz-Strasse" and walk along to "Franz-Mett-Strasse". Turn half-right into "Franz-Mett-Strasse" and walk along it until you come to the street "Am Tiergarten". Turn right and walk past the "Tiergarten" U-Bahn (underground/subway) station towards the bridge. After the bridge the street changes its name to "Treskowallee" (carry on walking regardless ;-) . Turn right into the first intersection after the bridge, called "Römerweg". Where "Römerweg" bends to the left, you will find the main entrance of the FHTW.

It is much easier that it sounds :)

Additional Material

Germany Survival Bible

Can You Survive Germany?


Please add your name here ...

Redhuan D. Oon (Red1)*

Carlos Ruiz**

Timo Kontro*

Victor Perez*

Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov*

Karsten Thiemann

Michael Judd

Kai Schaeffer

Johannes Gubo

Peter De Zutter and Aline Caeyenberghs

Mark Ostermann

Norbert Wessel

Alexander Tsang

Frederick Tsang

Elvis Haracic and Mahir Masala. Establish company from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Jan Kantert

Karim Hamed-abdelouahab

Wolfgang Rohdewald

Peter Hecker

Chalu Kim

Teo Sarca (***)

Joel Stangeland

Donald Ladwig

Bülent Aydin

Jens Pfeiffer

Gregory Coburn

Joel Blouin

Mario Calderón

Susanne Calderón

Martin Immke

Team from OpenBravo (invited by Red1)

Christian Cerny

Stefan Kuthan

Tom Meniga

Martin Franz

Ute Baltus

Ernst Baltus

Rainer Breuer

Jan Brunnert

Angelo Dabalà

Michael Hönnig

Norbert Schaefer

Marc Klinger

Susy Ongko

Layda Salas

Andreas Quiehl

Dirk Niemeyer

Maciej Lizewski

Lukasz Kolczynski

Michal Zilincar

Norbert Langermann

(*) cost absorption by Schaeffer AG.

(**) cost mitigation by Red1 (conducting further sponsorship drive in Malaysia)

(***) cost absorption by metas consult GmbH.

To facilitate the participation of as many project members as possible in the conference further sponsors are highly appreciated.


Suggested accomodations for the ADempiere Conference

All prices include Breakfast

All rooms are reserved until 16th of April 2007 if not stated differently. Please refer to "Schaeffer AG" when booking your room.

Hotel am Tierpark*** (only in german)

Erich-Kurz- Strasse 4a


Berlin (Lichtenberg)

Tel: +49(0)30 - 51 59 14 59

Fax: +49(0)30 - 51 59 14 61

Mrs. Bunde

booking by mail (also in english):

Single room EUR 50,-

Double room EUR 30,- per Person

Availability: May 28th to June 3rd

Amount of rooms: 30 triple-bed

Located ca. 1 km from conference location in Lichtenberg.

With the tube U5 it takes about 25 min to the center of Berlin (Alexanderplatz).

city map

ABACUS Tierpark Hotel****

Franz-Mett-Str. 3-9

D-10319 Berlin

Tel: +49(0)30 - 5162-0

Fax: +49(0)30 – 5162-400

Mrs. Rother

online booking via web page

Single room EUR 83,-

Double room EUR 110,-

Availability: May 27th to June 3rd

Amount of rooms: 20 single 10 double

Rooms are reserved until 3rd of April 2007!

Located ca. 1 km from conference location in Lichtenberg.

With the tube U5 it takes about 25 min to the center of Berlin (Alexanderplatz).

city map

Juncker's Hotel Garni

Grünberger Str. 21

10243 Berlin

Fon: +49(0)30 - 29 33 55 0

Fax: +49(0)30 - 29 33 55 55

Mr. Juncker

online booking via web page

Single room EUR 59,-

Double room EUR 79,-

Availability: May 27th to June 2nd

Amount of rooms: 8 single 2 double

Minimum of stay are four nights.

Ca. 7 km (10 min) from conference location with U-Bahn 5 (tube) from station „Franfurter Tor“.

Located in the lively area Friedrichshain.

city map


Grünberger Str.26

10245 Berlin

Telefon: +49(0)30 - 29 77 78-0

Fax: +49(0)30 - 29 77 78-79

Mr. Tsakos

online booking via web page

Single room EUR 59,-

Double room EUR 69,-

Only non-smoking rooms

Availability: May 28th to 31st

Amount of rooms: 3 single 6 double

Ca. 7 km (10 min) from conference location with U-Bahn 5 (tube) from station „Franfurter Tor“.

Located in the lively area Friedrichshain.

city map

Visa Information

Dear participants of the 1st ADempiere Conference!

Please check if you need a visa for a short stay (Schengen Visa) and a "letter of invitation" for your visa application in order to participate at the conference.

You find all relevant information and application forms on the web site of the German Department of Foreign Affairs

including a table of countries whose citizens require/ do not require visas to enter Germany

Responsible for issuing visas are the missions of the Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. the German embassy and consulate-general in your home country.

Visa holders are as a rule required to have travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 that is valid for the entire Schengen area. If possible this insurance should be taken out in your own country, but it can also be purchased by us as hosts.

As far as needed, the Schaeffer AG will contract a health insurance for incoming visitors in Germany valid for seven days.

If you need a "letter of invitation" including a confirmation of the health insurance for incoming visitors for your visa application, please send the following details for each person that requires a visa to Carolina (

  • First name and family name as stated in the passport
  • Birthday
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of arrival in Germany
  • Date of departure in Germany

Please take into consideration the time needed to contract the insurance and the time required to process your visa application ("the missions require between two and ten working days to decide on an application for a short stay visa" - quote for the web site of the German Department of Foreign Affairs).

Therefore: please send your requests for a "letter of invitation" until May 1st to Carolina!


Tuesday, May 29th
Wednesday, May 30th

Thursday, May 31th
Room 501
Room 501
Room 531
Room 501
Topic Speaker Topic Speaker Topic Speaker Topic Speaker
09:00 09:30 Opening Kai Schaeffer Ajax Client Posterita

Accounting Michael Judd
09:30 10:00

10:00 10:30 Libero Victor Perez HR Module Elvis Haracic

10:30 11:00

ADempiere Next Generation Timo Kontro
11:00 11:30 Multi Projects OpenBravo Adempiere Foundation Joel Stangeland Developers Documentation Workshop Karsten Thiemann

11:30 12:00

12:00 12:30 Lunch (1h)
Lunch (1h)

Lunchpackage/ Transfer to Linux-Day (1:30 h)
12:30 13:00

13:00 13:30 Implementation in Financial Company Trifon Trifonov Business Development Donald Ladwig Developers Documentation Workshop (cont.) Karsten Thiemann

13:30 14:00

Presentation ADempiere at Linux-Day Norbert Wessel/ Metas
14:00 14:30 Why contributors are priceless Red1 Security/Privacy Diskussion tbd German localization Kai Schaeffer

14:30 15:00

15:00 15:30 Coffee
Preparing for Global Expansion: challenges and opportunities Joel Stangeland

Final discussion (Room 1 Linux-Day) tbd
15:30 16:00 Best Practices in source codes Trifon Trifonov

16:00 16:30

Talk about ADempiere to FHTW Students (tbd) Frederick Tsang

16:30 17:00 Debriefing 1. Conference Day Kai Schaeffer

Debriefing final day (Room 1 Linux-Day) Kai Schaeffer
17:00 17:30

19:00 open end BBQ at Kai Schaeffer's

Sorry for the html - it's just exported from open office...

FHTW Mensa Week's Menu

Wochen-Speiseplan Mensa FHTW/ FHTW Mensa Week's Menu

Di, 29.05.2007 Tue, 29.05.2007 Mi, 30.05.2007 Wed, 30.05.2007 Do, 31.05.2007 Thu, 31.05.2007
Bio-Essen Organic meal Bio Truthahngulasch mit Pilzen Organic turkey goulash with mushrooms Bio Blumenkohl-Käse-Bratling Organic cauliflower-cheese burger Bio Lammbratwurst dazu Zwiebel-Senfsauce Organic lamb bratwurst with onion & mustard sauce
Essen 1 Meal 1 Buchweizen Palatino mit Spinatfüllung und Krautsalat Buckwheat Palatino filled with spinach served with coleslaw Paniertes Putenschnitzel gebacken dazu ein Geflügeljus Baked escalope of turkey with poultry gravy Kartoffel-Cordon Bleu an Quarksauce mit Kräutern Cordon Bleu potatoes with quark (curd cheese) sauce and herbs
Essen 2 Meal 2 Schweinelachsschnitzel im Backteig und Röstzwiebeln dazu eine Bratensauce Pork schnitzel in batter and fried onions served with gravy Panierte Fischroulade “Venezia” Breaded fish roulade “Venezia” Rindergeschnetzeltes nach Stroganoff Art Strips of beef Stroganoff-style
Tellergericht One-course meal Vanillemilchreis mit Fruchtsauce Vanille rice pudding with fruit sauce 2 gekochte Eier in Senfsauce mit Kartoffelpüree 2 boiled eggs in mustard sauce with mashed potatoes Bauernfrühstück mit Deligurke Farmer's breakfast (fried potatoes with ham and egg) with a gherkin
Beilagen Side dishes Bio Kartoffeln Organic potatoes Bio Kartoffeln Organic potatoes Bio Kartoffeln Organic potatoes

Langkornreis mit Tomatenwürfeln Long grain rice with diced tomatoes Langkornreis mit Grünkern Long grain rice with unripe spelt grain Zwiebelreis Onion rice

Bratkartoffeln Fried potatoes Kartoffelpüree mit Zwiebeln Mashed potatoes with onions Eierspätzle Egg spaetzle

Gebratene Auberginen Fried aubergines Pariser Karotten Parisian carrots Schmorgurken Braised cucumbers

Blumenkohl mit Semmelbutter Cauliflower with breadcrumbs in butter Blattspinat Leaf spinach Leipziger Allerlei Leipzig mixed vegetables