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The Create From Dialog provides a method to create the subordinate lines for a document from another different but related document. There are four documents types where the Create From Dialog is used:

Note.gif Note:

The Create From process is different from the Copy Lines From process as it works across different document types and allows you to select which lines to use. The Copy Lines From process make a duplicate of an existing document.


Icon: Copy24.png
Field: Create From Button.


The Create From Dialog is only available on the four windows listed above.


The Create From Dialog window will appear similar to the following two examples. There are three parts to the dialog: the upper section where a source document(s) is selected based on criteria, the middle section where individual entries can be is selected which will become the new lines in the target document and a bottom section with some buttons.






In the upper panel, the number of fields used to select lines depends on the type of target document. The Invoice example above is pretty straight forward where the Bank Statement has many more options. When criteria have been selected in the upper panel, the middle panel will show the available lines or documents that can be used to create lines in the target document. (You may have to click the Requery button (Icon Refresh24.png) if one exists.)

Click in the box on the left of each line to select it. Alternatively, click the Select All button (Icon SelectAll24.png).

When all necessary lines have been selected, click the Confirm button to complete the process and create lines in the target document.

Clicking Cancel or closing the window will cancel the process.

For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src