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This is Victor Perez's proposal to improve the gui functionality


Every time I work implementing Adempiere I receive the same question from the users, is it possible to have a better data entry in Adempiere? Many people want to see a Master/Detail for this purpose.

Movie Demo


In Application Dictionary of Adempiere we have the Fields Group ,this in used to distribution the fields into of tab, Now the fields group only drawing a line into Tab window.

With this improve now you can define the type to fields group of this way:


I created a new field called Field Group Type with follow values Label , Collapse and Tab

  • Label : Drawing a Line
  • Collapse: Set the field into Collapse Tab
  • Tab: Set the field into Horizontal Tab

On the other hand I used the Collapse functionality to integrate the Grid into a Tab, and this is result:

Sales Order with a Grid Detail , Collapse Tab and Horizontal Tab


Sales Order with Grid Detail Collapsed


Sales Order with Grid Detail Single in Single Row Layout


Here is show the Sales Order into Delivery Horizontal Tab


How this new functionality works

The fields are placed in the tab depending on field group type. You can collapse any field group to save space. Please see the Grid Detail Collapsed image. Also defined a field group as an Horizontal Tab called DELIVERY.

In the case of Grid I am using the same Menu & Tool Bar to control the Master and Detail.

Config a Grid Detail

  • Choose the Window Sales Order


  • Next select the * Tab for the header


  • The location of the grid is controlled just like any other field. Therefore you must add a column to the table in "Table & Column" or you can use an unused field such as the Record_ID. In the example below, the field (ORDER) is used to define the placement of the grid with the field sequence.


  • On the Field record, select the tab that you would like to appear in the grid as the 'Included Tab'. In this example, we use (Order Line)



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The Code


Victor Perez


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  • Nominated for next release after 3.3.0 Victoria i.e. 3.3.1
  • In trunk for testing
  • Further test and feedback at SF thread above.
  • More effort needed to cover many suggestions given in SF thread above such as the further ideas by Hengsin.
  • Included into trunk as of interim release 331t (January 2008)