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Executive Summary of Commit Committee Meeting 2007-02-20

Full transcript of meeting here: Chat CC Meeting 2007-02-20

Participants (alphabetical order)

  • AFalcone
  • CarlosRuiz
  • croo
  • fredtsang
  • goanookie
  • hengsin
  • karsten_thiemann
  • Mike_Judd
  • panji_alam
  • red1
  • teo_sarca

Summary of Discussion

Proposal for changing the Online Login Help tab

There is a proposal to change the Online Login Help tab (it's causing lots of problems with the wiki load, and practically is another spy like which we dropped from Compiere).

The proposal is to change the tab by a button that open open the desktop browser when trigger and navigate to the help page.

Proposal for releasing libero and POSterita as a package

There was agreement in releasing libero as a package, and that libero will be the stress test for 2pack.

It implies that 2pack must be enhanced (i.e. for import/export of workflows) and also must be implemented the mechanism of ModelValidator for packages (proposed previously in CC_Meeting_Exec_20070130).

Proposal to organize customized classes

There is a proposal to organize customized classes like this (order in classpath):

  • customization.jar for specific project classes
  • patches.jar for bug fixing that will be included in next releases
  • packages.jar to put there add-on packages (as libero and posterita - others coming)
  • Adempiere.jar for the specific release version

Proposal to enhance the bug report window

If the previous proposal is implemented it will be necessary to know which classes are overloaded in customization.jar and patches.jar, and which packages are installed in packages.jar

There is a proposal to add this info in the "report bug" link in menu.