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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Here we document the meaning of the priority levels assigned to reported bugs.

Where the bugs are

[| SourceForge Bug Tracker]

[| SourceForge UI Tracker]

How to Prioritize

The Project Management Committee has established guidelines for using the priority field in the SF bug tracker. This was discussed in the PMC meeting of 03/06/2007, the notes are here: CC_Meeting_Full_20070306

If you are filling out a report, you can assign priority according to the following guidelines:

  • Priority 9 - system stopper - data corruption without workaround
  • Priority 7 - security issues
  • Priority 5 - not prioritized
  • Priority 3 - problems with workarounds - performance problems
  • Priority 1 - presentation problems

From time to time, the bugs will be triaged to re-prioritize them according to these standards.

Priority is important, because we will not announce a stable release while there are known priority 9 bugs.