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Financial Report Menu


Financial Report screen
  • This simple howto is contributed by red1. It is part of the ERPAccounting.pdf now in progress.
  • You can click on the screen thumbnails on the right to view a larger image of the results.

Step 1

  • Launch your ADempiere application
  • Login as GardenAdmin
  • and go to the Financial Reporting part of the menu
  • Click on it to open
  • You shall see a window pop-up called Financial Report
Period Selection

Step 2

  • Select Balance Sheet Current Month
  • Uncheck the List Sources box.
  • Click on the Create Report button at the lower screen
  • You shall see the Period Selection screen.
Balance Sheet preview

Step 3

  • Pull down the Period field to select Sep-02.
  • This will access the Accounting Facts posted for GardenWorld sample client of that period.
  • You shall see the Balance Sheet Preview screen.
  • Note that there is data under Period Activity for our selected September, 2002 period.
Save In dialog

Step 4

  • Look at the top menu bar.
  • At the right side, next to the exit button is the export icon .
  • Click on that to call the export function.
  • You shall see the Save In dialog box.
  • Pull down the Files of Type selection
  • Note various formats you can select to save in.
  • Choose xls - Excel file.
  • This means we are going to save our report as a Microsoft Excel file format.
  • Give it a File Name.
  • Note the location you Save In.
Save In dialog

Step 5

  • Look in your PC at the location you saved in.
  • Open up the file you saved as.
  • You should have MS Excel or OpenOffice application to open this XLS file.
  • Now you can use this output to modify further before presenting to management.