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About Adempiere

The Adempiere project was created in September 2006 after a long running disagreement between ComPiere Inc., the developers of Compiere™, and the community that formed around that project. The community believed Compiere Inc. placed too much emphasis on the open source nature of the project, rather than the community nature of the project, and after an impassioned discussion decided to split from Compiere™ giving birth to the Adempiere project.

The project name comes from the Italian word meaning 'to fulfill' but with additional context of "to complete, reach, practice, perform the duties of, or free (discharge), it also means to honor and respect", which was felt was very appropriate to what the project wished to achieve.

Project structure

As a community based project all are entitled to their say -and are encouraged to do so- but, with community members in over 16 countries stretched across five continents, for practical purposes the project is guided by a Council of contributors. A leader is nominated from this Council to act as overall Project Manager. The role of the Adempiere Council is to

  • to support decisions of the leader
  • accept contributions
  • define the roadmap
  • review and approve specifications
  • vote for new functionalities
  • approve changes to core

Goals of this project

The goal of the Adempiere project is the creation of a community developed and supported open source business solution. The project's community believes that best method of attaining this goal is in the implementation of the Bazaar from Eric Raymond's famous article The Cathedral and the Bazaar. This commitment to the community distinguishes the project from other open source projects developing similar business solutions. These ideals are expressed and enshrined in the Project Charter -currently being written by the project's council.