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Hi Ramiro, I have added some Userboxes which describes some of your knowledge and activities inside the ADempiere community, feel free to browse available Userboxes and add those which better describes your profiles. Yours--Khalid HASSANI 19:31, 19 November 2006 (EST)

Great work Khalid, not only with user boxes but with all the changes you have done in our wiki. Great work!--Ramiro Vergara 10:10, 25 November 2006 (EST)

You are welcome Ramiro, I am looking forward to more exchanges with you, your profile seems interesting and you seem to konow a lot of things :)--Khalid HASSANI 09:33, 25 November 2006 (EST)

Asset Intensive Industries

There have been some discussion on the SF forums and IRC about applicability of ADempiere to airlines.

I would like to explain a bit of context before actually responding the key issue here.

In very simple terms, most of the industries buy goods, keep inventory, assembly products and then sell. That is where the focus of the company management is.

In asset intensive industries the key focus is on the availability of equipments, so the are mostly concern on buying the right spare parts, having the right people with right skills on the right shift and executing tightly planned and scheduled maintenance services to have the best possible availability on those assets.

Of course there are other considerations in both industries but the above are the key focus for success.

The above reasons explain why the maintenance process in an Asset Intensive Industry is very sophisticated, hence the required development within ADempiere. Development would require to start almost from scratch and only a few bits would be reusable.

Industries that are considered asset intensive industries are:

- Transportation (e.g. Airlines) - Mining - Utilities - Armed forces

It is possible to add all the required functionality within ADempiere, I just wanted to stress that it is a work intensive task.

Update: New MMS core functionality is now being developed within ADempiere

What size of Company would consider an ADempiere Implementation

A strong, robust solution can be implemented in any size, any segment company and, if properly implemented would deliver very high value for the investment. However, from an implementor business model perspective, it is important to review some distinctions for the opportunity:

Tier 1 They have invested tens, some time 100 of millions in implementing SAP, Oracle, etc. It is very hard to rationalize internally that this investment, which its return has not fully realized (will ever be?), has to be written off. FOSS Implementors can try to sell here but you can expect very large sales cycles and our stomach is not that sizable.

Tier 3/4 Tiny companies that expect ERP to make the miracle for them. Many of these companies have not really formalized their business (no pricing policy, no inventory replenishment policy, no inventory list, etc, you get the idea) and are not willing for a third party to help them to formalize it. It is a no win situation.

Tier2/3 These companies are correctly formalized and implemented a pseudo ERP because a real ERP was very expensive, now they realize this pseudo ERP can not support the growth of their business and after revisiting SAP, Oracle, MS, etc, extend their search toward FOSS ERP. This is a customer that really understand what his company is missing (adequate support to its business processes), knows that an investment is required but it is looking for the best value/cost ratio he can find. They represent very short sales cycles.

I understand I have represented the situation based on the market where I operate, but I would be really surprised if it is very much different elsewhere.

Marketing materials

Hi Ramiro, I have translated to Spanish the brochure, but the sky and clouds picture is missing in the Inkscape file. Also, there is no information about the fonts used in text. Do you have the original file? --Jorge.Tupac 11:29, 18 September 2009 (PDT)

Peer review.

Thanks for the help. I obviously needed more coffee this morning. MJMcKay 01:31, 24 August 2010 (UTC)