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  • Thanks for your word edit on the main wiki page but i am rolling back your edit because it has some typo and i want to see it as compact and sweet as possible. If you can keep it to the same length and help keeping removing other clutter it be great. I am ok if we redo the main page :) - red1 17:54, 27 April 2010 (PDT)
Thanks for your further edits. Would you be able to fill in the gap around "Experiencing ADempiere"? I am thinking of trying a pic of the panel (lengthwise image grab) would give it a more inviting look. But all attempts at positioning 'left, right, top, centre' couldn't quite put the pic smack within the same column above the title. Wonder if you are better at it. WDYT? - Redhuan D. Oon 09:22, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
Happy to try it. Do you already have the screen shot saved? If so, can you point me to it? MJMcKay 12:16, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
Ok, i just uploaded some sample screenshots, which u should find in the RecentChanges. It may take a while to figure out a nice fit or perhaps you could get some face or person shot using adempiere. I got a real model (lady) shots but not anything that can fit the slim horizontal gap there. Anyway, will check on your attempts later. Cheers! - Redhuan D. Oon 16:53, 10 November 2011 (UTC)

Hi Redhuan,

No problem. Looking at the history page, any chance you can add the big events since 2007?


Hmm.. what events did we miss? If you know any, do add too - red1 19:13, 28 April 2010 (PDT)
Sorry - did not mean to suggest that something was missed - but I'm having trouble seeing the diamonds in the details. I've published the first draft of the ADempiere Source Forge Project discussed here, annotating it with the release dates and any other info I can find. In the Adempiere History page, though, you tell a story that is more than dates. Its about the events and people and I'd like to include the major events. Were there any things that stick in your mind since 2007 that would be of interest in the time line? Any major contributions that I should highlight or events that would explain the increase and decrease in commits in SVN? If you could give me the top three with rough months and years, it would really help. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. - Mike.

Mike, I leave it to you to decide if you like to use mine Talk:ADempiere Application Menu - Redhuan D. Oon

Hi again Mike, i just saw your vimeo i think this is the 2nd time, but this time it really impressed me (thanks to more mental space nowadays). Please can i have your email or please can you just drop a msg in my inbox red1(at) - Rgds, Redhuan D. Oon

New home page

I have now completed the draft of the new home page : New Home Page. Please scratch your comments here (or fix / edit the page). Please discuss this with your team and approve it. I have included Table of Contents as one of the major link that user:MJMcKay is doing. We have to pursue and complete that portion also. Sarafudheen 13:35, 21 June 2010 (UTC)

I switched the page!....

A just switched the page after applying the minor fixes that you suggested : [1]. Sarafudheen 13:08, 27 June 2010 (UTC)

Great to see your new contributions and effort to complete the TOC. Please let me know if you need any help from my side to speed-up the effort -- Sarafudheen 03:15, 3 July 2010 (UTC)
Thanks Sarafudheen. If you have time, any help to make the links would be appreciated. The developer's section has the most material ready, it just needs to be "connected". MJMcKay 10:54, 5 July 2010 (UTC)
Sure. I am late to see this message, because it was not in my user discussion page. I will try to fill the developer pages. -- Sarafudheen 15:51, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

TOC : Development Page

I started on TOC Development section. Could you please help me to understand what you want to put under Methods of Development page. Please give some outline so that I can complete it. -- Sarafudheen 17:14, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

Recovered User:Trifonnt Page. Enjoy!!

FYI: I have Recovered User:Trifonnt Page. Enjoy!! I found there is a lot of nice information in his page-- Sarafudheen 13:46, 20 July 2010 (UTC)


Hi Michael, looking all the effort you're doing on this wiki (thanks a lot for this!) I think you must have admin and bureaucrat permissions over here (that allows you for example to delete or protect pages, ban spammers, etc).
Do you agree having these permissions?
--CarlosRuiz_globalqss 18:03, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

Agreed. It would be helpful. Thanks. MJMcKay 22:45, 23 August 2010 (UTC)
Done --CarlosRuiz_globalqss 03:52, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Hi Mike

Hi Mike,

I have seen your comment one my page the other day. Thank you very much on that. I am relatively new, but starting to catch up. I intend to regularly write my findings in Wiki as well. So, if you need my help on anything about wiki, or have any suggestion for me, please let me know :)

Kittiu 15:46, 11 October 2010 (UTC)
I have to thank you personally for this one - Talk:Script_Editor_Tool - Redhuan D. Oon 22:23, 12 December 2010 (UTC)

Changes to TOC

I have made some relavant changes to TOC. I enhanced 'developer guide' sectoion. I made more importance to user interface functionalities section. Also I moved the items related to business functions to Business Function Guide. Please let me know your comments. -- Sarafudheen 08:10, 21 December 2010 (UTC)

Sarafudheen, Thanks for your help and efforts. More hands will make for light work. The end goal is to help people find information, so once we get the content linked, we can restructure into a tree with several pages of depth. Any page in the TOC should not be longer than three screens - just my random specification but it seems reasonable. I've been following the PostgreSQL manuals as an example since I find them well laid out but they may not be the best example. I'm also focusing on the User and System Admin sections since there is little information in those areas. Please continue. We can discuss details of the TOC on the TOC talk page. I've copied this comment there. MJMcKay 12:11, 21 December 2010 (UTC)
Fine. Great idea. you wrote: "once we get the content linked, we can restructure into a tree with several pages of depth". Can we do such a tree in MediaWiki? if yes, pls send me links to read. I will start exploring it. I felt like what you gave as 'User Guide' is really a great set of information which ADempiere beginners are looking for; and I put it in TOC directly. If we have big number of links in TOC in future, we could move it inside. BTW, your tip on categorizing TOC is great!. I am a stupid; you know :-) -- Sarafudheen 07:27, 23 December 2010 (UTC)
I will not notice the dialog if you dont post it in my user page. So put a note in my talk page if you have some message for me. -- Sarafudheen 07:27, 23 December 2010 (UTC)

About Advertising Spam

Hi MJMcKay, i see you are busy in deleting Advertising Spam in this wiki. It wastes your time. do we have any other methods to control it? for example, the first article of a new registered user should be reviewed before published. just my humble thonghts. -- Peanut Blake. 15:12, 08 March 2011 (UTC)

I think we need to implement a CAPTCHA type test for user registration to slow automated :registrations which seems to be responsible for the vandalism --ar_howard 11:09, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

Captcha doesn't really work. My own PhpBB forum receives tens of registrations a day while going thru a difficult captcha. Only advantage i have was to use approval option and i hardly approve any new members there, probably one of of hundreds in a week or so. - Redhuan D. Oon 09:18, 10 November 2011 (UTC)

It would take less time to approve new users than to fix the spam. MJMcKay 11:38, 8 March 2011 (UTC)

Totally agree that users registrations need approval to end this spam nuisance - Redhuan D. Oon

Hello I used to review "recent changes" but due to spam it has become very annoying, I reviewed and found to put an improved method of captcha helps a lot with this, if you want we can help implement this improvement, this we need the technical data of the wiki version to download and test, then we will send the procedure to be performed to incorporate it into the wiki adempiere. This is an example of captcha to use Login Wiki - John Agudelo 18:43, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

Hello again, in this page we can see the version [2] in this page we can see instructions to modify the captcha [3] --John Agudelo 18:58, 18 March 2011 (UTC)

Agreed. I don't have the access for this but will get the wiki admin - Dirk, I believe - to fix it. MJMcKay 12:51, 19 March 2011 (UTC)

Again Spam War

Hi MJMcKay, There is a great threat by the spammers in the Wiki site. I have removed the some of them. Is there any possibility to install the CAPCHA for the forms. There are somebody who want to fight with Adempiere team! -- Sarafudheen 04:57, 6 September 2011 (UTC)

Hi Saraf, I see you also posted to Dirk's page (Needle58). Dirk is the right guy to go to for updates to the wiki software. Wiki's are designed to allow uncontrolled participation and trying to restrict participation is going against the nature of the software. I'm not sure how much more we can do beyond restricting account creation to a request based system. MJMcKay 15:19, 6 September 2011 (UTC)

The First part of Main page

Mike, it seems the large empty space cropped again and i m not sure how to return to its old self of more neat arrangement the last time i saw it. - Redhuan D. Oon 09:01, 27 November 2011 (UTC)

The Forking Statement

  • I originally put the paraphrase statement to try to give a sense of the project's philosophy amicably to a sudden newbie, however the words have grown too academic and have redundancy phrasing that may confuse, and i tried to make it readable in evolving edits. Now that you have revert it to original, i wonder if you can help make it smoother than my original. I was thinking of:
This is the famous paraphrase sent by Victor Pérez in August 2006 resulting in the community moving forward till this present day.
  • You may suggest better. I am trying to look for a statement that tells it all, showing the continous action verb and above else exemplify this as an anarchic, communal meritocracy. Hope you understand. - Redhuan D. Oon 09:01, 27 November 2011 (UTC)
  • I am even thinking of a more politically correct one would be something along 'Carlos Ruiz proposed the ADempiere name in the forking debate of August 2006...' as he is not only the top iconic contributor, but the trustee of the However it is hard to be objective (I vested the domain on him) and thus i value another mind in here. I am ok with under construction ideas - Redhuan D. Oon

Talk to Thomas_Thießen

Hi! Thomas Thießen is not good in english and asked me (User:Tbayen) to explain what you wanted him to say at User_talk:Thomas_Thießen. My english is not perfect too but I am better in asking for clarification... :-) If I understand you right, you are not critizizing him but you want to give an encouragement to work in a clean and thoughtful way. I myself had not yet the time to read all his pages. If you find he could do something better say it clear.

I think your proposal to use "a good way to add translations" is worth thinking about but what is this way? I did not found a good way to work on a multilanguage wiki. Am I right that going such a way means to change something in the wiki software or the structure of our pages? Do you want to say that we ("the germans" or "the non-english") should find out this way or do you want to say that someone already did it and we had overseen something?!? I looked at wikipedia where there is a special menu for this. I don't know how it works - perhaps we could research and use that method?!?

Thomas Thießen's approch to translate every important page cries for such an "good way". Perhaps we together can bring the translation system to a new level.

WDYT? --Tbayen 18:32, 30 January 2012 (UTC)

Hi Thomas, You are right in that I want to thank Thomas for his work which is impressive but also see that existing pages are not clobbered by mistake. Most of the German pages added have different titles than the English versions but the Report page used the same title and overwrote the English version. Perhaps Thomas could add DE/ as a prefix to the German pages and include a category tag similar to the way PeanutBlake has done with the Chinese pages. See ZH/Activity_20100725_Shanghai as an example. I've done that for the report page here: DE/Report. MJMcKay 21:00, 30 January 2012 (UTC)
Hi Michael, I was curious about a solution to this problem also and visited MediaWiki. They are describing on how they do it. Basically it means to put translated stuff onto a subpage of the existing page using the language id. For example MyPage/de and so on. That means English is leading and all other would be on subpages and usage of certain templates identifies which translatiosn are available. And if a page would be newly created in a certain language one has to create a stub page with an english title. That solution sounds good to me. WDYT? Needle58 16:37, 3 February 2012 (UTC)
Hi Dirk, Yes. I read that too but didn't check if we included that feature. Is it something you could install? MJMcKay 19:05, 3 February 2012 (UTC)

Can I become a citizen

I would like to become a citizen of Adempiere, representing Indian Adempiere community. I am moderating the linked in group for Adempiere forum and I am a active contributor[4] of adempiere wiki. I wish you will suggest my name. Thanks in advance -- Sarafudheen

Hi Sarafudheen. Happy to. MJMcKay 01:42, 12 July 2012 (UTC)