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A Million Thanks

  • Hi Kai. Saying thanks sounds like saying goodbye and that can be tearful. As we agreed, always say, "C U Later Online!"
  • Well, thanks to you, i get to go Berlin and Europe for that matter for the very first time.
    • Get to meet our esteemed bazaar members for the first time
    • Get to see near summer conditions for the first time
    • Get to talk to US nannies for the first time
    • Get to gatecrash a motel breakfast for the first time
  • Though you have a selfish purpose of ensuring ADempiere stays perpetual by bringing the brains behind it together, you fulfill perhaps millions of others' (future tense) selfish needs of having a better and stronger ADempiere Bazaar for:
    • End-User support needs
    • Developer contract potential
  • I can see that even with the honeymoon of Carlos Ruiz till 19th June, with no releases this month we still maintain a high top 10 holding pattern.
    • More Germans have entered the field. Our IRC room is under 50% german control. Fortunately they didnt start any revolt. Yet.
    • I am now compelled to seriously learn German beyond Guten Mogen, Nein, Danke. For survival reasons.

On behalf of the present and future, a million thanks! - Red1 22:47, 13 June 2007 (EDT)