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I am happy to join the community as contributor as number 1 in 2007 ! Indeed, it was a new year resolution to make sure that I get Adempiere up & running for this year.

As a contribution, I am documenting all relevant progress along the implementation through my "reality show" blog on [1]

However, all structured documents I produce will be displayed in the wiki. I hope you find them useful.

My roadmap for Adempiere is:

1-) Animate the Adempiere reaility show ; 2-) Produce "step-by-step" style tutorials for:

    2.a- How to customize Invoice Layout within Adempiere;
    2.b- How to modelize Consultancy company Business Casein Adempiere (basic example);

3-) Review other tutorials and documents and complete them;


You can reach me on:

hakem.taourchi (at)