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Who is Ramiro Vergara?

I am an electrical engineer (MSEE), got my master's degree in the USA thanks to a Fulbright Fellowship. I worked in the resource industry (Cerrejón Coal Mine) for 12 years and then switched to the IT industry where I have been selling and implementing solutions mostly to the resource industry for the last 14 years. Participated in 40+ ERP implementation projects in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil in various roles. Due to my background I believe my skills are around Industry Business Processes, Project Management and Entrepreneurship.

Lots of interest but mostly:

- Reading on science (for layman of course, I am not a scientist). Anthropology and modern physics are 2 of my favorite subjects

- Reading/discussing on IT and Open Source

- Gaze the stars with my home telescope (gift from my lovely wife)

- Dancing, yes I do dance quite a lot, must be my Colombian heritage

- Outside cooking, especially paella (consider myself a "Paella Maestro")

My motto in life is quite simple:

          "It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice"