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Maik Wagner

I was born in 1975 and a graduate in "International Business Studies" from the University of Paderborn my main focus being foreign languages (English and French) and "International Management". I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in European Business Administration from Nottingham Trent University. As far as my professional experience is concerned I have worked with various photo agencies (licensing of images) in France, UK and Germany. I am a big fan of the Linux operating system (Mandriva, Ubuntu and Fedora) and would like to work as an ERP consultant in the future either in sales, consulting or teaching. You can find further information on my website (see below). I also run a website on the use of FOSS-ERP at including a section on ADempiere.

Contributions to the ADempiere project

  • Intitial translation of "Why should a company inplement ADempiere" from English to German
  • Initial translation and editing of "Why ADempiere" flyer (English to German)