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I am an Independent Software consultant (Oracle, J2EE and ERP) based in Casablanca (Morocco)

I have been an ex Compiere fan (I am the one who nearly created the entire Compiere Wikipedia entry), I have also installed a Compiere prototype for a client and began the development of a payment system based on Compiere infrastructure, but I have abandoned this endeavour mainly because of the lack of technical documentation and some very annoying bugs and also because the lack of real community around Compiere or the way Compiere inc make nearly irrelevant.

I am very excited about ADempiere and the way it puts the community first, I hope we will soon have an greater product and great community around it.

Possible contributions

I am a Wiki (as tool) and Wikipedia fan, I have been contributing since 2004, I think that it's the best collaboration ever invented, I have always dreamed of Wiki based Compiere documentation, and here it is. I hope I can contribute to it to make a useful product for everyone. I have a lot of experience with Wikipedia assesment and content creation process, I will try to help here with my experience, hoping to make this site a useful place for all people who are looking for all kind of information about ADempiere.

I think that a valuable site will attract more visitors and hence more contributors, creating a virtuous circle.

One of the first things I intend to do is to import all the existing (and free) documentation scattered all over the Web, into this Wiki. I can also help with some French translation too.

In the future, I might also be interested in contributing to Ajax inteface with Echo2 a very nice tool I am currently testing.

Site which might inspire ADempiereWiki

Some great sites which can inspire us to create a nice Wiki, are also based on Mediawiki are and and of course the mother of all Wikis, we can use the Workflow and assesment process of these sites to build great content here too.

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