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Name This user real name is : Fabio Canella

What am I doing?

  1. Implementing Adempiere ERP :)
  2. Developing various connectors for report, mail and document management, using jasper server and grails

My website is binario01

How increase the length of a varchar field (table m_product field value) in postgresql

I need to increase "value" fields in m_product table from 40 characters to 100

I tried with:\\

alter table adempiere.m_product alter column "value" TYPE character varying(100);

but I had to recreate many views So I find this trick

update pg_attribute set atttypmod = 100+4 where attrelid = 'm_product'::regclass and attname = 'value';

Then you need to change the value in application dictionary in "Table and Colums" table

How configure adempiere with libero

Meke a clone of the repository:

cd /opt/repos/sourceforge

hg clone -U adempiere

hg clone -U

cd /opt/repos/workspace

If you want adempiere 370:

hg clone /opt/repos/sourceforge/adempiere -r adempiere370lts

hg clone /opt/repos/sourceforge/libero

if you want to use adempiere 360lts

hg clone /opt/repos/sourceforge/adempiere -r adempiere360lts

hg clone /opt/repos/sourceforge/libero -r adempiere360libero

Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

Jboss need more memory ! Change the located in ADEMPIERE_HOME increasing the memory ie: ADEMPIERE_JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xms128M -Xmx512M -XX:MaxPermSize=512m then save, run and then start adempiere