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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Our green screen legacy system is so functional, that customers have left for prettier pastures and come back. We are busy getting up to speed on Adempiere, and starting to port some screens (windows in Adempiere).

Here is a very brief summary of features in the legacy system (Airpex):

  • Export
    • enter/print/track air waybills
    • enter/print/track ocean bill of lading
    • Send/recv CIMP EDI to airlines for AWB,Booking,Status
    • Send AES declaration via EDI to US customs
    • Schedule B inquiry
  • Import
    • log/track expected entries
    • Enter commercial invoices for entry
    • Classify, sort, summarize commercial invoice for 7501
    • Send/Recv ABI documents to/from US customs via EDI
    • US tarriff inquiry, updated from US customs EDI
    • Countervailing and Antidumping duties, updated from US customs EDI
    • Other tables, e.g. country, ports, updated from US customs EDI
    • Printed documents (many forms)

A peculiarity of this environment is that there are many tables which are supplied via EDI from US Customs. Examples include Domestic Ports, Foreign Ports, Countries, Carriers, US Tariff, Units of Measure, etc. All of these are from a US viewpoint, and must be kept in sync with the US Government versions. So even if there is a Countries file elsewhere in Adempiere, we should probably still duplicate it.

Another peculiarity is that the rules change daily! New rules are received via EDI and often must be implemented within a short time.