Triage December 2007

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This is a capture of Open Bugs as of 12/08/2007. Put your name under Triage Responsible if you can review the bugs submitted but the SF users listed under Submitter.

Submitter Bug Count Triage Responsible Status
phib 22 Joel Stangeland Only triaged the level 5

and set Remind where there is a fix

teo_sarca 19 Not Started
globalqss 18 Carlos Ruiz Triage Complete
Done: afalcone, anu_netaccount, armenrz,
 Remaining: avdalen, biancama, bogdan_i, chrisc_at, cjerome, croo
22 Joel Stangeland Not Started
davemc50, elvis_h, emontenegro, fer_luck, gemmiti, go_hyk, gue_shindu, hendikin, hengsin, jab_doa, johngbell2, johnniepop, jbsolutions, jssolutions, Kontro 21 Heng Sin Not Started
done:kthieman, manoj_jain, mapoli, mark_o, nobody, moyses, needle58, northernbrewer, nychen, omidp 21 Joel Stangeland Triage Complete
pruzicka, ralexander, rob_k, sernaton 11 Joel Stangeland Triage Complete
stefan_kuthan, tbloch, tspc 10 Joel Stangeland Triage Complete
usman88, vclark, vpj-cd, xiaomj 8 Joel Stangeland Didn't finish vpj-cd