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  • ADempiere Translation Package. Latest Version 2.8, 2013-10-04.
  1. Adempiere Translation Package A
    • Included Languages: ar_SA, bg_BG, bn_BN, bs_BS, ca_ES, da_DK, de_DE, el_GR, en_GB, es_ES, et_EE, eu_EU.
  2. Adempiere Translation Package B
    • Included Languages: fo_FO, gl_GL, hu_HU, it_IT, ko_KR, ln_LN, ms_MY, pt_BR fr_FR, hi_IN, in_ID, ja_JP, nl_NL, oc_OC, pl_PL, pt_PT.
  3. Adempiere Translation Package C
    • Included Languages: ro_RO, ru_RU, sk_SK, sq_AL, sl_SL, sv_SE, th_TH, tr_TR, uk_UA, zh_CN, zh_TW.

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Translation in
German Translation in
Principle of PO-POT Translation Approach

Welcome to ADempiere Translation Project !

ADempiere Translation Platform

How to join us

Set up your local language

  • You are welcome to create your local language branch under the ADempiere Translation Platform.
  • Tips: It is clever to upload existing translation of your local language to So that duplicate efforts will be avoided. You can do this by using the '--get-po' function of tool4po.
  • We will consider setting up an ADempiere Translation Group / Team for co-operation & communication when necessary.
  • Don't hesitate to contact Peanutblake if you need any support.

Submit Words with Different Translations

  • The same English words maybe have different translations in different context ( different IDs in ADempiere ).
  • Example: "m " in table C_UOM_Trl with different translations.
    • In <id-103> : meaning: "Minutes". Chinese: "分"
    • In <id-106> : meaning: "Month". Chinese: "月"
  • You can submit such words here: Words with Different Translations

Bug Report

tool4po Development

  • tool4po is a tool for file format convertion between XML-AD format and .PO format.
  • We are carrying out further development, you are welcome to contribute :-)

Join Project Development



  • ADempiere Translation Package. Please see the TOP of this page.
  • Remarks:
  1. This ADempiere Translation Package is based on the latest translation in
  2. .tar.bz2 is a compress format, you can unzip it and get your language pack.
  3. Language pack will be released on 15th every month.

Language Code List

-------	-----------
ar_SA	Arabic
bg_BG	Bulgarian
bn_BN	Bengali
bs_BS	Bosnian
ca_ES	Catalan
da_DK	Danish
de_DE	German
el_GR	Greek
en_GB	English United Kingdom
es_ES	Spanish
et_EE	Estonian
eu_EU	Basque
fo_FO	Faroese
fr_FR	French
gl_GL	Galician
hi_IN	Hindi
hu_HU	Hungarian
in_ID	Indonesian
it_IT	Italian
ja_JP	Japanese
ko_KR	Korean
ln_LN	Lingala
ms_MY	Malay
nl_NL	Dutch
oc_OC	Occitan (post 1500)
pl_PL	Polish
pt_BR	Brazilian Portuguese
pt_PT	Portuguese
ro_RO	Romanian
ru_RU	Russian
sk_SK	Slovak
sl_SL   Slovenian
sq_AL	Albanian
sv_SE	Swedish
th_TH	Thai
tr_TR	Turkish
uk_UA	Ukrainian
zh_CN	Chinese Simplified
zh_TW	Chinese Traditional

English Standard Package

  • en_US Standard Package. Latest update: July 18, 2010.
  • If you want to get translated XML files from translated PO files of, please use this en_US package. Otherwise you may get some translation missing. Because the en_US exported from ADempiere ERP 3.6.0 LTS database contains format like "<![CDATA[&Menu]]>".

Chinese Translation Group

  1. Chinese Translation Management Group will be established soon.
  2. Latest zh_CN package is released for 3.6.0LTS and previous version.(Jun 29, 2010)
  3. Chinese Translation Preparatory Group has been dissolved on Jun 21, 2010. Because the preparation works are successfully finished.
  4. Chinese .PO files are imported into Finished on Jun 15, 2010.

Japanese Translation Group

  1. Japanese Translation Preparatory Group is now preparing.
  2. Japanese .PO files are under construction now, will be ready around Mid Summer, 2010.

Malay Translation Group

  1. Malay Translation Preparatory Group is now preparing.
  2. Malay .PO files are uploaded around Aug 09, 2010 by Peanut Blake.

Thai Translation Group

  1. ThaiTranslation Preparatory Group is now preparing.
  2. Thai.PO files are imported into on Jun 23, 2010, by Peanutblake
  3. The translation of Thai Language is initialized by a great amount of work from Sureeraya

Russian Translation Group

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