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The Text Editor Tool provides a way to enter text and see how the text appears as HTML.


Icon: Icon Edit24.png
Menu: →Editor }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: none


The Editor Tool is not available in a Text Field or Memo Field with the name "Script". For these fields, the Script Editor Tool is used.


The Editor Tool appears in the pop-up menu on all Text Fields, Memo Fields and on String Fields where the display length is less than the field length.

The Editor Tool opens with a screen similar to the one below.




The window has a menu with a single entry File. The File menu can be used to import or export text to or from a file.

Below the menu is a tabbed panel with two tabs Text and HTML. The HTML tab displays the text in the Text tab processed as HTML.

At the bottom of the screen is the confirm button and some status information. On the left there are some numbers with represent the current length of the text in the field and the total field length. If the text in the tab is longer than the total field length, the Editor will beep in warning. On the right of the status bar a repeat of the current length of the text.

If the Editor Tool was opened from a pop-up menu in a Memo, Text or String field, clicking the confirm button will save the changes in the field, otherwise, all changes will be lost.

If the tool was opened from the menu, the File menu can be used to save the contents to a file.

For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src
    • org.compiere.grid.ed.Editor.java
    • org.compiere.grid.ed.VMemo.java
    • org.compiere.grid.ed.VString.java
    • org.compiere.grid.ed.VText.java