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Hi McKey, just want to say, I am impressed by your wide range of expertise! Thank you!

Right back at you Kittiu. Your tutorials and notes are great. This isn't me though. Its a rough summary of a book referenced at the top of the page. But thanks anyway.MJMcKay 02:26, 6 May 2011 (UTC)

I agree with Kittiu. This adapted text is very helpful particularly in my own Fixed Assets review work now underway. - Redhuan D. Oon 00:23, 7 May 2011 (UTC)

Setting up from trunk

Some notes on what I had to do to get the fixed asset module working - see also forums.

Using mercurial, create local pristine clones of the ADempiere repository (trunk) and the Contributions#FixedAsset branch.

In Eclipse, use the mercurial plug-in to make local working copies for both repositories.

The FixedAsset module setup was based on Trunk broken into projects, so the build path references "base" and "looks" projects. These are sub-projects of the Trunk. To fix the build when the trunk is a single project, delete the references to "base" and "looks" and replace with the Trunk project.

FixedAssets extends the MRefList class and I received an error that the parent class was defined as "static". The extension was not allowed. The MRefList_Ext proved to be a copy of parts of the MRefList parent with a few bugs. I deleted it and changed all references back to the parent and it compiles without errors.

Comments on the existing structure in ADempiere

Asset Groups

The asset groups provide a way to establish defaults for individual assets. The commonality within a group is a unique set of:

  • Group Name
  • Owned (if not then leased?)
  • Depreciate the asset (or should this be a list of depreciate, amortize, deplete, accrete or none?)
  • Create new assets as active (not sure what functionality is behind this)
  • Accounting (Note the window tabs are on the same level 0. The asset accounting tab needs to be moved to level 1.)
    • Depreciation setup - I think this would be better on the level 0 tab. Then the accounting tab could just be the set of account combinations which would be consistent the rest of the application. The tab could be identified as an accounting tab and hidden according to the preferences.
    • Accounts - there are lots of them - perhaps too many given the rarity that more than four will ever be used.
      • Asset cost
      • Accumulated Depreciation
      • Depreciation Expense account
      • Disposal revenue
      • Loss on Disposal (could be the same as the Disposal revenue account. I.e. Gain/Loss on disposal)
      • Revaluation Accounts (Do we really want to automate this? Its a once in a blue moon exercise that can be easily handled with GL Journal entry.) The choice of accounts is strange. See Would it be better to provide a generic method of dealing with the issue? The code uses a depreciation workbook with a different set of accounts. Need to understand the process first. Back to the books.

Hi MJMcKay,

I am appreciating your tremendous efforts in Adempiere and I would like to thank you for the theory part about assets. As I read you are going to show how assets theory can be related in Adempiere. I have here one question : Asset module is not stable yet in Adempiere. Which asset branch you will use ? As I am watching the posts for fixed assets , I can see that it is still not in production phase.

Have a good day.



Yes, Fixed Assets is not stable

As Azzam pointed out, indeed it is not stable yet as seen from the activity i need to do while getting it in shape. If you don't need the context information given there then you can follow directly the SF Project Trackers. -- Redhuan D. Oon 03:49, 23 May 2011 (UTC)