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Postponed: Wait for Victor's new POS functionality. Enhancements will be made based on client requirements after Victor's POS tested.


Complete Adempiere Swing POS functionality.

Project Team


[mailto: ]

Functional Specs

  • Terence Ng




  • Terence Ng $1000USD


Finish off the beta Adempiere Swing POS functionality.

1) Can serve several customers simultaneously. Customer A has several items in the list but not check out, and allow serving Customer B putting his items in the list, by opening another tab or window, up to you!

2) Button to open cash drawer with records (up to your process!)

3) Delete button is not working.

4) Fast buttons are unreadable if more than 4 are defined.

Optional tasks

Contribution Requests

  • www.sourceforge.net contribution: []

Vote for inclusion into trunk