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Add the ability to estimate and account for shipping charges.

Project Team


Joel Stangeland

Functional Specs

  • Joel Stangeland






  • Some inform the customer of the shipping charge, so the shipping needs to be determined at order time
  • Sometimes the shipping charge is not determined until the shipment is created and weighed, then actual shipping is billed to customer
  • Need to have a flat-rate table with user-determined shipping rates
  • Need to be able to look up supplier rates via web-service
  • Need to be able to add a user-defined surcharge (flat-rate or percent)
  • Need to be able to compare the cost of various shipping methods, and select one.
  1. Rate Basis Methods
    1. Total Order Weight: weight drawn from product records, or on scale
    2. Product Preset: Predefined amount from Product Record
    3. Total Price of Order: uses flat rate table with a scale of the order price
    4. Total Weight of Shipment: determined at shipping time, based on scale input
    5. Total Cost of Packages: in case various packages are created, makes sum of the package costs

Basic Procedure

  1. Select Options on the Order
    1. Choose Basis Method
    2. Choose Shipper
    3. Choose Service Level (first class, Overnight, etc, options determined by shipper)

  1. Surcharge Add-ons
    1. Oversize Item
    2. Handling Charge
  1. Inputs
    1. Weight
    2. Order Price
    3. Shipper
    4. Service Level
    5. From Address
    6. To Address


  • Are output printouts such as Bill of Lading (BOL) included under this module?
    • Not part of the intention

AD Changes

Code Specifications