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DesignIcon.jpg Designer: Ramiro Vergara ,Alberto Abudinen, Fabian Aguilar, Julio Farias.
Develop.png Developer: [Ramiro Vergara, Alberto Abudinen, Fabian Aguilar, Julio Farias].
Sponsor smily.png Sponsor: Transportes Geminis, Chile; OFB Consulting; Sysnova.

ADempiere lacks an integrated MMS which is a key component for asset intensive industries such as transportation (all types), natural resources (mining, forestry, oil&gas, etc), utilities and armed forces but it may be important in other industries. The goal of this development is to complete a core and basic, but still fully functional, MMS that can be expanded in the future.


  • Transportes Geminis, Chile
  • OFB Consulting
  • Sysnova (Compatibility with web UI and documentation in English)

Project Team

Functional Specs

This is a summary, full funcional specs available in spanish

  • Integration to current objects
    • Additional categorization of fixed assets to specify which assets are subject to maintenance
    • New tab for assets to allow for meter readings (multiple, unlimited, management of meter replacement)
    • Usage of ADempiere products as spare parts when defining task requirements
    • Usage of ADempiere resources as resources when defining task requirements
  • PM (Preventive Maintenance)
    • Standard Jobs definition, includes complete instructions and resources to complete the maintenance job
    • Preventive Maintenance definition, related to standard job, scheduling based on meter or date, allows nested PM events
    • Preventive Maintenance Forecasting, generates PM candidate events for the next few maintenance period (user definable), forecasting of meter based PM events uses a movile average usage based on last meter readings (definable)
    • Preventive Maintenance scheduler, based on forecast output it allows the maintenance planner to analyze anbd fine tune schedule, when completing the schedule for the period, it generates corresponding work orders (preventive) and job cards for execution by maintenance crews
    • Work Orders (Preventive), allows entering of actual cost and hours and additional information on task executed. Work Order completion is allowed when all tasks part of the work order are completed. Work order completion resets the forecast of the event for the next occurance.
  • Corrective Maintenance
    • Job Requests, user entry form requesting maintenance attention
    • Job Request management, displays all job requests for various criteria (equipment, fleet, maintenance group, etc), allows to decline the request or to approve. Approval of request will generate a complete work order if request is related to a standar job, it would generate a work order skeleton otherwise to be completed by a maintenance planner
    • Work order management, displays pending work order for various criteria (equipment, fleet, maintenance group, etc), it allows to nominate maintenance period for execution of work order, when completing a schedule for a maintenance period will authorize word orders for execution and generate job cards for the different maintenance crews, authorized work orders, will no longer display in the work order management window.

User manuals

  • Available here in English, Manuals in Spanish upon request

Technical Specs

  • Compatible with ADempiere 3.6
  • Swing and web UI totally integrated with ADempiere
  • available in OFB Contributions branch in ADempiere SVN



Future Extensions

  • Major Component Management
  • Predictive Maintenance

Upgrading and Testing

  • This module needs maintenance or else it will drop off from the latest release. For a start, some upgrading and testing is needed. An external blog forum gives more deliberation of this effort under way by Redhuan D. Oon sponsored by Sysnova.
  • Here we sumarise the findings and resolutions.

Resolving Bugs and Issues