Sponsored Development: Alternate Resource Scheduling of Manufacturing Order Workflow Nodes

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Project Team


Alternate Resources

  • Victor Perez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution
  • Miguel Jimenez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution
  • Teo Sarca (contribute with work) of http://www.arhipac.ro



  • Miguel Jimenez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution
  • Fernando Jimenez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution
  • Tim Heath (contribute with work)


others welcome


Enable the scheduler to do the following:

Schedule a manufacturing workflow node of a manufacturing order (route operation) onto more than one resource at a time or just 1 task to 1 resource at a time.


Use the workflow nodes with the Join and Split fields, and node transitions to allow the CRP.java scheduler to see what alternate resources can be used for a route operation and in what way.