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This manual is oriented to facilitate mobile system admin in ADempiere with Spin-Suite... Enjoy it.

As System Administrator

Main Menu

SFA MainMenu1.png

Create New Process (Cache Reset example)

Create the Process to be used in the device mobile, example: Cache Reset

SPS Process.png

Process Translation

Define the translation for Process

SPS Process Trl.png

Add Parameters to Process

Add Parameter to Process if is necessary

Add Process to Menu

Add Process to Mobile Menu

SPS Process Menu.png

Define Menu Translation

Define the Menu translation for your location

SPS Process Menu Trl.png

In the Source Code

Project Code

SPS Add Process Class.png

Add Class

Add class, note: the class must be extend from class org.spin.process.StdProcess

SPS Add Process Class1.png

Write Class

Like Adempiere, in Spin-Suite you must extend from a class named org.spin.process.StdProcess and implement two methods prepare() and doIt(), in prepare method you can get parameters like Adempiere. In doIt method you define the process functionality.

SPS Process Class.png

Mobile Front End

Report Query

I hope this tutorial will get you started...faster!

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