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This manual is oriented to facilitate mobile system admin in ADempiere with Spin-Suite... Enjoy it.

As System Administrator

Main Menu

SFA MainMenu1.png

Add Form to Context Menu

Open the window Mobile Table and search the table to edit, after in press the tab Column and set field Callout.

SPS Callout Column.png

In Source Code

Seek in Eclipse, in your project that depending of Spin-Suite.

SPS Callout Source.png

Add New Callout Class

Add the new java class extending from org.spinsuite.model.CalloutEngine. SPS Add Callout Source.png

Edit Callout

Like Adempiere, in Spin-Suite the methods for callout is with equivalent class and fields.

SPS Write Callout Source.png

Mobile Front End

Report Query

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I hope this tutorial will get you started...faster!

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