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The following shortcut keys can be used to speed your work with the software. Print this page and keep it handy beside the terminal until you have the shortcuts memorized.</div>

Icon Menu Short Cut Key
Icon PrintScreen24.png Print Screen <Print Screen>
Icon ScreenShot24.png Screen Shot <Shift><Print Screen>
Report24.png Report <F11>
Icon Print24.png Print <F12>
Icon PrintPreview24.png Print Preview <Alt><Shift><P>
Icon End24.png eXit Window <Alt><X>
Logout24.png Log Out <Alt><Shift><L>
Icon Exit24.png Exit Application <Alt><Shift><X>
New24.png New Record <F2>
Icon Save24.png Save changes <F4>
Copy24.png Copy Record <Shift><F2>
Icon Delete24.png Delete Record <F3>
Icon DeleteSelection24.gif Delete Selected Records <Ctrl><D>
Icon Undo24.png Undo Changes <Escape>
Icon Refresh24.png Requery <F5>
Icon Find24.png Lookup Record <F6>
Icon InfoProduct24.png Product Info <Alt>
Icon InfoBPartner24.png Business Partner Info <Alt><Shift><I>
Icon InfoAccount24.png Account Info <Ctrl><Alt><I>
Icon Attachment24.png Attachment <F7>
Icon History24.png History Records <F9>
Icon Multi24.png Icon MultiX24.png Grid Toggle <F8>
Icon First24.png First record <Alt><Page Up>
Icon Previous24.png Previous record <Alt><Up>
Icon Next24.png Next record <Alt><Down>
Icon Last24.png Last record <Alt><Page Down>
Icon Parent24.png Parent tab <Alt><Left>
Icon Detail24.png Detail tab <Alt><Left>
Show all Windows <Ctrl><W>
Icon Help24.png Help <F1>