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  • Released 2010-06-14 (revision 12598)
  • Download link here. Or download the Windows Installer that has the latest Trunk build.


Adempiere 360LTS version is being maintained (some bugs fixed and small improvements implemented) by Carlos Ruiz from GlobalQSS for free, so, please read this important DISCLAIMER.


You can download latest patches file from sourceforge here: GlobalQSS Patches for ADempiere 3.6.0LTS Installation instructions here: Patches_Installation

Covering some bugs found on 3.6.0LTS and fixed in globalqss/adempiere361 branch.

You can review the change log here:

Fisheye Changelog

Scripts you can apply safe in your Adempiere 360LTS installation

At this moment you can find these scripts in the svn repository here: migration/360lts-release

At release version the directory name will change.

738_AddZoomToUsedIn.sql (optional, but recommended)
739_FixReleaseNoLength.sql (strongly recommended)
740_FixCaptureSequenceBrazil.sql (mandatory if you plan to capture Brazilian addresses)
741_PayrollDictionaryFixes.sql (strongly recommended)
742_FR2878276_ImportPayroll.sql (optional, if you want to enable payroll movement import functionality)
743_FixOrderLineTaxVT.sql (strongly recommended)
744_FixFR2897194_Adv_Zoom.sql (strongly recommended)

Known problems pending to be patched


What is Laura 360 LTS

According to the definition of PMC release group,ADempiere 3.6 LTS is a version that community expects to be maintained (bugs fixed and released for community usage) at least for one year. As it is tradition in the ADempiere community to name the current release after a recently-born girl from the community, the current release was named after Laura, the daughter of Tobias Schöneberg (metas GmbH). Please note maintenance of LTS is done in a volunteer mode - so disclaimers apply

This is a Maintained Releases (LTS = long term support) released on 14th of June 2010. See Release Strategy for more details.

Top 10 Contributors

The Top 10 – contributors with code changes from the community were:

Major Enhancements

  • Improved Manufacturing libero-MFG
  • Improve the visual layout of Info and InfoProduct task pane
  • Stabilization of replication
  • Translation
    • Improved German translations.
    • Swedish translations.
    • Improve Thai Language Pack
    • Translation statistics
  • Improve ADempiere Web Applications
  • Add more details to Organization
  • Documentation update
    • Better looking Help windows.
  • Replication: opening connections
  • Move Adempiere to Java 6
  • Production
    • BOM - Back to Product Window
    • Added new tab "Product Costs" to "Product" window
    • Price List Improvement:allow importing with ID's for PriceList and Version
  • Implementation of zoom to detail tab
  • Calculate Measure based on the script to PA
  • Dunning Stabilization
  • Reporting
    • Improved pdf rendering
    • Report - Storage per Product Improved
    • Added new Report Parameter: Organization
  • ChartOfAccount for Vietnam
  • Improved prcess on Create PO from RfQ
  • Improved borwser IE support
  • Zoom to child tab - Improved performance
  • Improved Credit Limit check (when Invoice BP is <> from Ship BP)
  • Adding weight to base type for tax
  • Fixed Assets Application Dictionary stabilization
  • InfoPanel performance enhancement
  • turn off alternate color row striping to improve rendering performance
  • use database paging and sorting for high volume table

Major Fixes

  • CreateFrom not calling info on zk
  • Initial Client Setup - Accounting schema - empty line
  • stop execution of event when save failed
  • Wrong name and description for DiscontinuedBy field
  • Fixed SQL script to add in Callouts to OrderLine Resource Assignment - thanks to iCyLand, Bangkok's help.
  • Fixed Tax Errors: a) Rate Parent window not working b) Handle the case when no Default Tax Rate is specified.
  • Error in context when Key field is found in different tabs.
  • Error in context when IsActive field is found in different
  • Guarantee backward compatibility with previous approach
  • Added method to get tab context variables without defaulting to window or login variable (required safety measure)
  • Some refactorings to improve reading and performance
  • Reactivate hidden tabs - and move back BOM & Formula window to manufacturing menu
  • Fix Perpetual Inventory window
  • Jasper Report in Process problem
  • Accounting Fact Summary
  • Wrong behavior of non-automatic commit VOSS Com
  • Model Validation Engine duplicate listeners
  • Database issues with Missing foreign keys and Tables without primary key


  • Java 1.6
  • Oracle >= 10G or PostgresQL >= 8.2
  • To develop and integrate jasper reports use version 3.7.3

Reference Manual with screenshots

Volunteers to generate this documentation are welcome

At this moment you can see the manuals and screenshots from version 3.4.0 at the Manual pages.


Volunteers to generate this documentation are welcome

At this moment you can spy the schema for version 3.4.0 at

Java doc

Volunteers to generate this documentation are welcome

At this moment you can review the java doc for version 3.4.0 at

Feature Inventory with Status

Volunteers to contribute this documentation are welcome

Complete SVN Log

See the complete SVN Log in page Release_360LTS/SVN-Log.