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Purchasing functionality can generally be found under the Requisition-to-Invoice submenu.


Requisitions for the purchase of goods and services can be created using the Requisition window. These can, after (optionally) being approved, be used to generate purchase orders.


Purchase orders can be directly raised in the Purchase Order window.

Receiving goods and services

Receipt of goods is acknowledged using the Material Receipt window. If there is an existing purchase order or invoice for the goods you can use the Create lines from button to generate the lines based on the existing order/invoice lines. This process will also automatically create the required matching records.

Once you have completed the receipt you can use the Generate Invoice from Receipt button to automatically create an invoice for the goods received.


Matching Receipts to Orders and Invoices

Receipts must be matched to their respective orders and invoices in order to track which orders are still outstanding and which receipts have yet to be invoiced. Using the Create lines from or Generate Invoice(Receipt) from Receipt(Invoice) processes will perform this matching automatically, however it can also be done manually. This is particularly suitable for businesses where the processing of goods received is isolated from the ordering and invoicing operations. To match receipt lines to invoice/order lines use the Matching PO-Receipt-Invoice form.

Supplier Marketplaces

Cheat Sheet

0. Login as SuperUser/System, GardenAdmin
1. Click on Purchase Order, go to main tab to create a new PO
2. Enter the BPartner (Joe),
3. Enter the SalesRep (GardenUser)
4. Save that tab and go to the Lines tab
5. Enter a product (Hoe)
6. Save that Lines tab, go back to Purchase tab
7. Click on Complete
8. Click on Print, Preview or Report to view
9. Click on ProductInfo icon on top menu bar to view effect on Inventory under Ordered Qty