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The Project Management Committee (PMC) is comprised of experienced technical and functional resources within the bazaar.

They work together to protect the stability and dynamic growth of the project. The PMC takes a largely tactical role in making sure the processes of development and contributions runs smoothly. Their foremost responsibility is to protect stability of releases.

The PMC will include functional experts, implementors and also key developers of the project.


PMC support the goals assigned to the PMC Head according to the approved PMC Head Concept

  • Protect the stability of Releases
  • Provide guidance and direction for functional and technical development
  • Serve as liaison with end users from the community to promote further Enhancements and testing
  • Help the project operate effectively by providing leadership, removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts
  • Ensure that additional functionality is discussed and reviewed appropriately from both a functional and technical standpoint


PMC members can share responsibility assigned to the PMC Head according to the approved PMC Head Concept

Responsibility delegation will be based in agreement of PMC Head and the PMC member assuming such responsibility.

Accountability of PMC Head cannot be delegated - PMC Head is accountable for all the actions and decisions taken by PMC.

  • Manage the Roadmap
  • Coordinate the Release schedule
  • Manage the committer layer mentoring process
  • Schedule and conduct a regular triage session on IRC as a channel for people to escalate and also to discuss their patch or feature request
  • Define architecture for new developments
  • Establish the development processes and infrastructure needed for the development Team to be effective
  • Produce “how to get involved” guidelines to help new potential contributors get started
  • Facilitating code or other donations by individuals or companies
  • Working with Committers to ensure in-bound contributions are made in accordance with the ADempiere IP Policy.
  • Establish rules and guidelines for QA
  • Maintain branch rules
  • encourage and breed more skilled developers
  • Manage release policies for:
    • New features under development
    • high risk bug fixes
    • high risk enhancements
    • experimental stuff
  • oversee merging proven stuff from trunk into release branch
  • reverting when something goes wrong in release branch


The PMC is composed by the following groups and key roles within groups:

  • Architecture Group
  • Release Management Group
  • Functional Group
  • Development (and technical documentation) Group
  • QA Group
  • Usability Group
  • Security Group
  • Functional Documentation Group

And within those groups there are the following key roles:

  • System Architect
  • Release Officer
  • Functional Leader
  • Patch Manager
  • QA Leader
  • Issue Manager
  • Usability Leader
  • Security Leader
  • FAQ Manager
  • Wiki Officer

A detailed definition of this structure can be found in the PMC Structure page.

Group Members

The PMC is composed by the following groups and key roles within groups:

PMC Head has participation in all groups as needed.

Key Roles

Becoming a Member of PMC

PMC doors are open - you can participate in any group you think you can be helpful.

To become a PMC member please drop a message in forums expressing your wish, skills and availability. The corresponding group leader and/or PMC Head could ask for a chat to know you better.

The only exception is participating in the security mail list (participation conditions to be defined by Security Leader)

Member Guidelines

  • In the unlikely event that a member of the PMC becomes disruptive to the process or ceases to contribute for an extended period, the member may be removed by vote of remaining PMC members, or banned by PMC Head (following an expected due process).
  • PMC members may resign at any time by delivering notice of their resignation to the PMC Head.
  • The work of the PMC is shared by the PMC members. All PMC members are expected to contribute actively.
  • Active participation in the user newsgroups and the appropriate developer mailing lists is a responsibility of all PMC members, and is critical to the success of the Project. PMC members are expected to monitor some key communication channels (preferred communication channels to be discussed in each group).

Appointing for a Key Role

Key roles are filled by PMC Head, by invitation or by examination of people appointing to position.

If you want to appoint to one of the vacant key roles just drop a message to PMC Head expressing your wish, skills and availability. PMC Head could ask for a chat and a "test period" to fill the role.


Mail List

A mail list was set up for communication between PMC members:

Link to the Archive of the List


To ease the use of the list I enabled the following topics:


Each message sent to the list must be marked with one of those topics.

To post on a given topic, you need to make sure that the Keywords: or Subject: headers in a message match the topic expression.

For example a mail subject: [General] Mail list usage

One message can match to several topics. For example using first line: Keywords: [Functional] [Usability]

PMC members can subscribe just to the topics they prefer, so it's not guaranteed that PMC members receive message without topic or in a topic they're not subscribed.


To coordinate meetings a google calendar was set up and PMC members can create events on such calendar.

ADempiere Calendar


Most meetings are conducted on IRC #adempiere-team channel.

Easy way to get there is navigating to this link:


Some google documents will be created and shared within PMC members (and published for community review).

Here we can maintain an index of the PMC related documents:

Index of Meeting Minutes

See Also