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In Production use



  • Possibility to define and call processes from Process Gear Icon for each Window.
  • Icon is displayed in each generic window. If a process is defined for the window, then the Process is displayed behind Process Gear Icon automatically and can be used from there.
  • This Functionality was implemented to avoid time consuming creation of Buttons in each window where certain processes shall be provided.

An example of how to assign:

ADEMPIERE-190 Window.png

ADEMPIERE-190 Assign Process.png

And the result:

SuperUser (System Administrator) @ System.png

For testing this, We assigned the process "Copy Window Tabs" to the table Window. This can now be run from the gear.

Window, Tab & Field Window, Tab & Field SuperUser (System Administrator) @ Sys 2013-06-28 16-19-28.png



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